David Tutera is described as a celebrity wedding planner, author of more than a handful of books and host of several enjoyable television shows. This past weekend I discovered his TV show totally by accident. And have to say I found it not only informative but entertaining as well.

David Tutera, Wedding Planning and Success!

I was surfing through my channels and came across a 2008 episode of David’s show My Fair Wedding. It reminded me of how talented he really is. Taking just “ho hum” wedding plans and what seems magically, transforming them into designs well beyond our imagination. He literally take clients ideas and visions and makes their wedding dreams come true.

In the episode I saw he took his successful show formula and proved it works every time. And during that sixty minute episode we got to see David Tutera take a wedding plan and amp it up to the max. Showing us “his” right way to plan a wedding. While providing great tips for brides not fortunate to work with a celebrity or professional wedding planner.

One Stop Shopping with David Tutera, Wedding Planner Extraordinaire

No wedding is typical and David is always breaking the mold. During each episode he demonstrates wedding planning on steroids in the best possible and most enjoyable way. One of the things I enjoyed was the way he supports his brides throughout the entire process. And while we all know how vital that is, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Outside the actual wedding planning he shares and connects brides with professionals and specialists that will help them survive and shine during the experience. If a bride needs assistance with dancing, etiquette or the like, David seems to understand and arranges for just that.

And while each and every time (it seems) he is able to execute a wedding event that surpasses any bride’s expectations. Sometimes the more outrageous the better. He also shares with viewers what’s in vogue when it comes to wedding styles and trends. And always provides seamless recommendations, in this episode he stressed the importance of checking references, visiting the venue and tasting the food. All great tips. Demonstrating what it takes to be the best.

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What I have learned is it’s no longer just about weddings anymore. David Tutera has become the top wedding and entertaining expert. Leading the industry in all things events. Taking his passion, talent, creativity and so much more and making a name for himself in the events and lifestyle field. He consistently surpasses expectations. And we can all learn from that.

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