Cool Ideas for Birthday Parties – The Party Buck Stops Here…

Every year it seems to get more difficult to come up with those cool ideas for birthday parties. Are you always looking to throw your son or daughter a birthday party they will remember forever? But it seems to be getting harder to decide what to do and where to start. There are lots of questions to ask. Should you have the party in an unusual locale or at home? What theme should you go with? What food will you serve? Which games to plan? The list goes on and on.

Children’s birthday parties get more unique and innovative every day. Sometimes it’s not enough to just pick a great theme or locale. Are you the kind of person who likes to design their kids’ birthday parties so they are as different and individual as your child, a party that your son or daughter, and all of the guests, won’t soon forget? Well do not fear! There are some really outstanding and cool ideas for birthday parties out there to help get you started.

Cool Ideas for Birthday Parties  – First and Foremost…A Party Plan

A party plan (or checklist) is an important and great place to start. Include it in your planning steps and more importantly, utilize it! Remember to design your personal party plan to include everything you will need from invitations, decorations, activities and games, food and beverages, costumes (if required), loot bags, party cake and any other items or services that you will need. And be sure to include a timeline on your party plan. This will help you to keep control, stay on track and ensure you won’t miss a single detail.

Cool Ideas for Birthday Parties – Are Here!

Around The World Party – This is a wonderful way to see the world without having to actually go anywhere. Invitations can be designed to look like a plane ticket outlining the party date and location information. Select a set number of destinations you will showcase at the party. Don’t let it get too complicated or difficult by choosing too many spots or tricky locales. At each stop, party guests will receive a stamp on their passport after they enjoy an activity/game with food or activities relating to the specific location. For example for Mexico, you could serve bite size quesadillas or tacos and the planned activity/game could be coordinated around a piñata and the fun it creates. At the end of the party, guests will exchange their passport for a gift in the form of a loot bag. And the loot bags will consist of items represented by each location they visited during the party.

Girls Night Out/Sleepover Party – What girl doesn’t love a sleepover party? The chance to have her friends over, to stay up late and to eat as much candy as possible sounds great to me! There’s not many girls who wouldn’t jump at the chance. Invitations can easily be made on decorative paper in the shape of a moon and stars, a sunset or even a sleeping bag outlining all the party info. Following the sleepover theme, the customary decorations will do including balloons and streamers. Depending on the birthday girl’s age, you can theme the party around her birth year. With the help of Google, research and personalize the party space by decorating based on the number one movie, song, TV program and food the year she was born. The activities/games can include karaoke, dance party, spa fun, movie time and the always favorite decorate your own cupcake. And  anything goes food wise; pizza (design your own), burgers or hot dogs with all the fixings. Be sure there are lots of party snacks, popcorn, chips, candy. Nibblies are popular and will go fast. The next morning, a hearty and delicious breakfast will get them going and on the way home.

Green Parties – By throwing a Green Party, you provide the perfect opportunity to show and teach your child (and their friends) some wonderful lessons about caring about your surroundings and reducing their environmental footprint. Each year we talk with our kids and help choose a party theme. The costs and waste to throw a specific themed party can definitely add up. These days it is hard to remove all the commercialism and extra excess when party planning but here we go. Instead of paper invitations send an electronic invitation or send “seed” invitations that can be planted at a later date by the invited guests.

The party bought decorations at a green party are a thing of the past. You can effortlessly decorate by using what you already have, like cool and hip fabric, flowers, candy and various other household items. If you are not the creative type, go ahead and buy some items but be sure the decorations are reusable and sustainable. Kids don’t care about everything matching (cups, napkins, plates, tablecloths) so if you don’t want to use your own tableware, buy what need but be sure to purchase compostable and biodegradable items. Try and source out local providers because at a Green Party, all the food, including the cake, is homemade.

A movement currently spreading across the USA and Canada is having the birthday girl or boy ask their guests to bring a donation in lieu of a gift.ECHOage is a not for profit charity and Eco-friendly party service that teaches kids the value of giving. In place of bringing a birthday gift, the guest is encouraged to contribute online. Half the donation will be given to a charity selected by the birthday boy or girl with the other half going to a birthday gift for the one celebrating. Kids are like sponges and appreciate learning and will be happy to have helped with the three R’s, reduce, reuse and recycle and  really it’s a win-win situation!

There are lots of cool ideas for birthday parties right at your fingertips. Spending a lot of money is not a prerequisite to having a lot of fun. You can simply use an already established theme or create one yourself. In the end, if all the guests enjoy the festivities and have a blast, then I say consider the celebration a success.

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