This past weekend I attended a small wedding at my local convention center. And was pretty surprised the bridal couple choose a convention center as their venue. Back when I started in this industry whenever you were in a convention center, it was for a meeting and you literally could have been anywhere; any city, any state, anywhere in the world. In the past for a city the allure of convention delegates and business held the opportunity and expectation of increased revenue for the city. When delegates were not engaged in all things meetings and convention, the anticipation was all about them spending money on accommodations, dining, amusement and more, with that additional revenue helping to reinvigorate and strengthen the city.

The Convention Center and Unique Spaces and Shaking Things Up!

With enhance centers, creative discounts, resourceful tax breaks, stronger competition and a decreasing market, in an attempt to attract and augment business, convention centres are investing in space growth and expansion. But when it comes to utilizing convention center space the trends are definitely a changing. These days space is also being used in less conventional ways then it has ever been before. Back in the day it was about accommodating meetings and conventions and yes that’s still number one. But in addition, more unique space now draws a wide range of special event business including weddings, social gatherings, celebrations and concerts.

A New Trend – Convention Center Unique Spaces

While the array of topics, themes and the focus are varied conventions in general can be somewhat standard and traditional. Whenever possible planners attempt to avoid logistical disasters and ensure that as many meetings and activities as possible are conveniently located all in one spot. Not only is it convenient but cost effective as well. These days if a convention center is to be competitive it’s all about thinking and acting shrewder and smarter. Unique spaces have some distinctive benefits over traditional space including affordability, flexibility, ambiance and technology. And it really is a win-win situation as it allows convention centers to fill in holes with first-rate and profitable business.

While over the years the meetings industry has changed a lot; growing and moving forward, some areas haven’t been as progressive, until now. The majority of convention center meeting rooms and spaces have stayed the same and most are interchangeable and identical. And yes one of the more recent industry trends is designing and producing a hodgepodge of unique rooms, areas and spaces that are appealing, multi-useable and can accommodate the needs of the client and the gathering. While at the same time differentiate a convention center from its competitors and in the end create more income.

Convention center unique spaces are a reflection of the expression of a city and provide an understanding of the community as well as a snapshot of the locale for residents and visitors alike. As convention center space transforms it provides unusual alternatives for better and more conventional and unconventional events.

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