Convention Centers and Conference Centers Similar or Different?

I was at an industry networking event recently and had the pleasure of connecting with a peer, a newbie planner that had recently just started out. Like us oldies know, when starting out, there is so much to pick up and absorb and the learning curve is crazy. She has been working for a local meeting planning company and as she said “so far so good”. Speaking with her really took me back to the early days when I was just starting out, so many skills and so much information and knowledge to understand and come to know. She was definitely picking my brain and though not intentional putting my education, experience and know-how to the test. In a way it was an extremely good opportunity for me to realize what I actually do know and what I have retained from way back in the dark ages to now.

Convention Centers or Conference Centers – In in a Word or More – YES and NO!

One question she did pose that got the brain juices flowing was “What is the difference between  convention centers and conference centers?” And while I did know the answer it made me think, did I really know the answer?

As a rule, conferences, conventions and meetings are all events that bring individuals together with a like-minded objective. When convention planning, each and every planner I know spends a great deal of time and energy figuring out where to hold their convention, conference or meeting. We consider the ins and outs, first or second tier city, event size, logistical needs and so much more as well as location, location, location. Whenever event and meeting planning you want to select the just right location, the complete package, the venue that will set the tone and accommodate all your needs, wants and must haves.

The decision whether to go the direction of convention centers or conference centers depends on the type of gathering and the meeting requirements involved.

It’s All about the Conventions and Convention Centers

In general, a convention is an assembly or collection of persons that convene with a shared interest, business or industry to engage, discuss and act.

Convention centers provides the right blend of meeting and exhibition space is a metropolitan locale and is able to service large numbers.  Convention centers are usually located in a well situated downtown location; the airport can be found  close by and the center is in the vicinity of wonderful attractions. Convention attendees can be found near and far and the majority travel to attend, therefore hotel accommodations are needed. And depending on the locale, attendees will often tack on some extra days to a convention and make it a mini vacation.

It’s All about the Conferences and Conference Centers

A conference is larger than a meeting and is defined as an official gathering, which usually occurs over a few days, of individuals with a common interest. And will involve interaction, conversation and a give and take of information amongst delegates.

A conference center incorporates a wide ranging collection of venues that are designed and assembled particularly for events and meetings. The venues are top notch when it comes to facility amenities including and not limited to high-tech, multimedia and technological conveniences. Conference centers can include and consist of hotels, resorts, training centers, corporate facilities, universities and more. And can host and accommodate meetings, exhibitions, roundtables, symposiums and training sessions and a whole lot more.

Finding the most suitable space to host your meeting, convention or conferences is dependent on numerous factors. Finding the best and most appropriate venue will be based on the exact meeting and space requirements.

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