Convention Center Services

Convention centers recognize and appreciate the varied and different needs and wants of meeting and conference planners. Convention center teams are in place to liaise and work with planners to ensure every step of the planning progress is completed and each and every element is met with the expertise, skills and know how that is required for success.

When a planner books a convention center for their meeting, conference or convention, they anticipate and plan on their staff and the center staff becoming one and working together from the moment the fun begins right through to the execution stage, all with the same vision.

The job of the convention center staff first and foremost is to be the link between the planner and the convention center community as well as the local businesses and public. By becoming “your” team, this experienced group of individuals will work with you and the team to ensure an efficient course of action is put in place and utilized to in the long run guarantee the outstanding results, each and every working meeting planner is looking for.

Convention Center Services – Help is Here!

When it comes down to it, there really are too many hats center planning staff are required to wear. In addition to bringing a line-up of great experience, incredible skills and astonishing know-how to the table, convention center staff are not only there to provide superior assistance but to always point the planner and the planning team in the right direction. On top of acting as the go-between with the convention center’s various departments, providing room and center layouts and set-up, working to adapt food and beverage menus and events, they are there as the best sounding board and advice givers around.

The keeper of the ever expanding slew of sources and resources to ensure the meeting planner is equipped with the information and suppliers to support and plan a successful meeting or event, if you will.

Convention Center Services – Here to Help!

The list is long and filled with all the skills and smarts the convention center staff has in their wheelhouse. North American convention centers not only present an array of modern and customizable meeting spaces along with flexible and knowledgeable staff they deliver a range of services able to assist in helping to be sure success is theirs. Including but not limited to…

• Destination Information
• Attendance Boosters
• Welcome Packages
• Collateral Material
• Housing & Registrations Services
• Marketing Assistance
• DMC Recommendations
• Staffing Support
• Onsite Assistance
• Entertainment Referrals
• City Wide Benefits

When working with a convention center, truly the help is endless. Not only will the convention center team help with the about a gazillion or more factors that go into hosting that perfect meeting or event. They are there to assist with housing, registration and marketing and really so much more all in one place.

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