Conference Planners Looking for Destination Ideas – Why Not Look to Europe?

Many conference planners struggle to find new and interesting destinations and venues to “wow” their high end corporate clients.  North America is full of great locations but maybe it’s time to look further a-field.  Why not look to Europe for your next high level event?  The European Union offers a mature industry with excellent infrastructure and unlimited variety to meet every taste and budget.

Furthermore, putting your event or conference in a border region means that you can provide your clients the best of more than one country and culture.

Europe As a Destination Is Becoming Attractive to Conference Planners

Case in point – Strasbourg, France.  A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, Strasbourg is located in the Alsace region of France.  Long known for its wines, cheese and other local delicacies, the city was founded by the Romans over 2,000 years ago. Having changed hands numerous times over the centuries – from France to Germany and back again, Strasbourg now combines the best of two different cultures – the German and the French.  The city is also the European Union’s “second home” and features modern architecture, cutting edge cultural events and some of the EU’s primary buildings including the European Court of Human Rights and The Council of Europe.

Located just twenty minutes east of the city centre is Germany with it’s own history, culture and food.

With a population of 280,000 Strasbourg is a growing destination for conference planners from across Europe. The Strasbourg Conference Centre  is just 15 minutes from the nearest airport and adjacent to the city’s “Exhibition Park”.

Conference planners looking for accommodation suitable for their higher end clients have plenty of options from which to choose. Planners may choose to accommodate their clients in some of the city’s well known “brand names” such as Sofitel and Hilton or take a different route and look into some of the many interesting “one off” properties that dot the region. Case in point – the Chateau du Pourtales – a 17th century gem that sits only minutes away from the Convention Centre and Exhibition Place.

Looking for something REALLY spectacular?  Take your delegates deep into the German Black Forest to the renowned Traube Tonbach.  Dating back to 1789 this luxury property has been owned and managed by the same family for over two hundred years.  Traube Tonbach’s impeccable standards combined with a genuinely welcoming and friendly approach to guest service make this hotel ideal for your high-end clients – and suited for smaller, executive meetings and retreats.  Conference planners can be assured their clients will receive the very best in food and service. A wide variety of food and beverage options includes the Schwarzwaldstube – one of Europe’s leading fine dining restaurants.  Chef Harald Wolfhard and his team have been awarded a Three Star Michelin rating for twenty consecutive years.

So why not take a look at going outside of North America for those high end corporate and incentive events and conferences.  Those conference planners who do so will be pleasantly surprised at the variety and quality of destinations, venues and attractions that await.

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