Conference Planner and Conference Planning – What’s It All About?

I know I’m not the first to say this, and I surely won’t be the last, but speaking from personal experience (and in this very humble opinion), truer words have not been spoken. So drum roll please, conference planners are some of the hardest working multi-taskers I know. And there’s a whole heck of a lot (and I do mean a lot) that goes into planning conferences. In general, the success of every meeting and conference starts with the experience, skills and organization of the conference planner. The job of a conference planner takes time, energy, hard work and can be an overwhelming responsibility.

Conference Planner and Conference Planning – So Many Hats Upon One Little Head!

A conference planner wears several hats and is expected to be many, many things to so many people. First and foremost, conference planners are supposed to be the expert decision maker in all things planning. When professionals perform and thrive we all aim for success and a conference planner is no different. A conference planner is responsible for all aspects of planning and organizing including (but not limited to) the pre-conference management, planning the groundwork as well as the equally important logistics and execution of all things conference. And not only is a conference planner responsible for the logistics required for the travel, business and educational sectors of the conference, they are also responsible for all the social and networking events involved in throwing a successful conference.

A conference planner faces each and every challenge with the expertise, skills, resources and know-how that will guarantee an event is innovative, dynamic, productive, interactive and unforgettable. The majority of planners’ responsibilities are identical and vary little from conference to conference. From goals to budgets, from venue selection to supplier negotiation, from decor to service suppliers and so much more, a conference planner really is responsible to plan and execute all the details required to throw a successful conference.

Conference Planner and Conference Planning – Tips to Get Started!

When planning a conference always start by determining the goals and objectives of the event. Establishing the reason and purpose for the conference will answer a lot of your questions and help to control the steps that follow.

Once the goals and objectives are set it is imperative that you next design a budget which includes each and every detail along with all the costs involved. While designing a budget is a great step, it is only helpful if you put it to use and adhere to it!

Next in line, recognize and design the strategy. By thinking ahead and blueprinting the logistics of what’s to come, you put yourself in the planning driver seat.

A conference cannot happen without the location (location, location!). Always keep in mind the objective, goals, budget, purpose, as well as the conference reasons to help you select the ideal location that will perfectly fit the bill.

Once you have made it through all the previous steps, it is time to create an outstanding conference program; a blend of approach, tactic, organization, effort, wants, needs and logistics!
There are so many steps involved in planning an effective and winning conference. Once you’ve laid a solid groundwork, the final phase is all about the executing and enjoying the fruits of your labor. As anyone who has ever planned an important event knows, the success of your meeting or conference is extremely critical to the organization’s overall achievements.

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