What Do You Do to Combat Pre Event Nerves?

There isn’t an event planner alive that hasn’t had a case of the pre event nerves. No matter how much effort and hard work that goes into every task and detail. It’s normal to have some pre event butterflies. And for me that means sometimes becoming a slight basket case. It doesn’t matter how many years I have been planning events I always get a case of the nerves and have some pre event anxieties. As event planners we have so much to accomplish and with such high expectations. For all of us that plan events it’s not just a job it’s personal. Making pre event nerves a-okay and part of the job.

Event Planners and Pre Event Nerves = Victory

An event big or small can take a qualified and skilled planner and in the moment turn them into a nervous wreck. But the trick is to take that angst and turn it around before it’s too late. Event planners are on site for a reason; to get the job done. So whenever possible it is imperative to remain focused and tuned in. Some consider having pre event jitters as a disadvantage or weakness. Not true as long as we are able to control that force in a productive way.

Planning an event, any kind of event, can be a stressor. And can involve a complex combination of groundwork, planning, coordination and execution; as well as so much more. While at the same time planners are expected to be the expert and know everything about well everything. So it’s natural to feel anxious before the big day or week; and there are lots of ways to settle your emotions.

4 Ways to Help Combat Pre Event Nerves

When it comes to pre event nerves, it’s important to take the focus off the negative and turn it to a positive. Being nervous happens all the time and to a lot of people. And while I’m no expert at stopping nervousness; there are lots of ways to help manage your pre event nerves.

Stay Present. Ask yourself what is the purpose of the event? What do you want to achieve? And have you done everything in your power to make it happen? I then check, double check and sometimes triple check everything. It helps me to calm my nerves and stay on top of all the last minute responsibilities.

You are not your Nerves. When it comes to pre event nerves first acknowledge and then move on. It’s pretty normal to be nervous prior to an event starting. Don’t be consumed with the thoughts of nervousness. Ensure you recognize the nerves and know there is nothing wrong with being nervous. But remember you are not your nerves. Maintain a routine, show up and stay in the moment. If you have done the work and are prepared you are bound to succeed.

Be Positive. By thinking and being positive you take control and influence all parts of your being. Some even say that by blocking out the negative you find fulfillment in your job as well as your life. And while I can easily sit here and type be positive I do recognize it can be harder than it sounds. But I has been proven that having a positive outlook helps to achieve success.

Pay Attention to Food. It may sound like a no brainer but to maintain energy and positiveness it’s super important to have a healthy diet. When I first started working on site my breakfast was a bowl of potato chips and a sprite. And boy did I learn fast that diet wouldn’t keep me going all day. Event planners are busy and can find it hard to have the time to eat let alone eat healthy meals. But once you get it and remove the “bad foods” from your pre and event diet; a more inspired and recharged person will emerge. And don’t forget about water. While food is very important of equal importance is drinking water and lots of it. Hydration helps to energize and deal with the pressure and anxiety that can come with planning events and being on site.

So now it’s up to you. 

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