Client Expectations of a Destination Management Company

Working with a Destination Management Company (DMC) is like having a partner that you can depend on, an assistant you never knew you had and a most knowledgeable tool at your disposal. All rolled into one. It has been said it takes resources, knowledge and know-how at your fingertips to plan a successful event. And working with the right Destination Management Company provides all three and more.

The benefits of partnering with a Destination Management Company come in all shapes and sizes. But start with working with the client to plan a successful event. And include local knowledge, saving time, access and introductions to suppliers and in general providing perspective that only someone familiar with the location can. And in a perfect world they make YOU look top-notch.

What’s a Destination Management Company All About?

No matter the type of event or location, a destination management company is on board to provide and deal with all the various meeting and event details. And they offer a one stop shopping experience. Not only do clients rely on DMCs for all things convenient and local. They also depend on them for their expertise in creating and building exceptional and unforgettable experiences from start to finish. From accommodation to entertainment from venue selection to transportation and so much more, a DMC is there to provide uniqueness, innovation, support and the logistic nuts and bolts.

Three Things Clients Want from a Destination Management Company

We all know that for success working collaborations are founded on dependability, trustworthiness, skills, hard work and shared commitment. Most DMCS recognize the needs, wants and requirements of their clients. But what is it that clients look for in a DMC?

Professionalism. There are lots of qualities one needs to embrace in the job of DMC planner. Of course it takes energy and endurance. Staying calm under pressure. Hard work, drive and flexibility. And one must embody positivity and get joy from a job well done. But as important as those qualities are professionalism is equally as important. There are lots of merits that are defined as professionalism. Some of the more essential ones start with. Putting the customer first; being an expert at your job; being trustworthy and objective; and always doing more than is expected of you.

Affordability. I can’t over emphasis the magnitude of a budget and the value of, whenever possible, sticking to it. People always seem to think using a DMC will add to the bottom line. And never consider that a DMC really can save money. A DMC has vendor and supplier relationships that enable them to obtain special pricing, offer value added services and save clients’ money by knowing where to cut costs. The ability to adhere to a client’s budget and communicate when problems do present themselves is huge.

Service, Service, Service. When it comes to DMCs, one of the more crucial parts of the business is the client. And without the client there is no success. A DMC is there to listen, provide first-rate service and go beyond expectations. Always focusing on the work, adjusting to the ever changing client needs and committing to the work. Sometimes it means being on call 24/7 and sometimes it means being on site. Whatever the type of event or meeting, it means always being there for the client and providing service, service, service.

There are so many elements that go into building event success. Working with a destination management company brings you that much closer to achieving that. Like anything interview potential companies, listen to recommendations and always check references. Working with a DMC is an excellent way achieve success while saving time and money.

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