Clean and Fun Adult Games!

Fun adult party games, the clean kind, are a great addition to any party. It really doesn’t make a difference what kind of celebration is being planned, including fun adult party games will take a party to that next level. And it’s easy for one to think of party games as only a kid thing, I know I always, always felt that way and wouldn’t include them in my party plans. Well news alert, that all changed this past weekend. When I was lucky enough to attend a rocking and a rolling party at my neighbors that yes included fun adult games.

The party was filled with delicious food and drinks, wonderful decorations and music, great company and out of this world fun adult party games. The noise filled evening was chocked full with hilarity, hysterics, laughter and fun. Literally no one wanted to leave the party and go home.

Why Include Fun Adult Games for Your Next Party!

In just seconds fun adult games can take a party from humdrum to electrifying. Fun adult games at a party are the best way to encourage and help guests mix and mingle and ultimately spice things up. And really no one plans a party hoping that it will fail. We all want our party to be fun filled and remembered for days to come. And what I found out was that including party games helps to ensure a great time is had by all.

Clean and fun adult party games are a must and promise to instill fun and laughter. And they really do help party guests to feel welcome and at ease. Who said a party is only about talking and eating? Party games often provide the opportunity for guests to get to know each other better or even learn a new thing or two. This past weekend I found that adults enjoy party games so much more than kids do.

Five Fun Adult Games You Don’t Want to Miss!

There is a long list of adult party games that can easily be incorporated into your next celebration. And faster than you can say “fun adult games” you will see a grown-up have fun just like a kid, momentarily anyway. So if you’re looking to create lots of laughter, joy and never forget memories at your next celebration; these clean and fun adult party games are just what the party doctor ordered.

Charades – Is all about pantomiming and acting out a title or name. This party game is a classic and always fun to play. And when it comes to fun adult games this one is easy peasy. Just split the guests into teams and then one person from the team acts out a celebrity, movie, television or book name without speaking. And the object of the game is to guess that name or title as fast as possible.

A Lie and Two Truths – The guests gather together and take turns where each person must state one lie and two truths. The person to the left of the player must say which one is the lie. If they get it right it’s their turn next. If they get it wrong then the next person gets a try. If there are two wrong guesses, the player exposes the lie. This fun game is even better with guests that don’t know each other too well.

White Elephant Gift Exchange – This game is the gift that keeps on giving and is great fun to play at a party. White elephant gifts are meant to be a more tasteless and gaudy offering. It starts with a guest choosing a gift and unwrapping it or making the decision to steal someone’s unwrapped gift. The game is played until each guest has a gift.

Famous Couple Game – This is a great game for guests to get to know each other by socializing. First create a list of famous couples. Next cut out each individual name so that you have half a couples name for each party guest. When quests arrive, attach a name on their back. And the goal of the party guest is to search out their other half. To accomplish this goal the party guest must ask other guests yes and no questions to help establish who they are.

Hot Camera – If you are familiar with and a fan of hot potato then you’re going to love this one. Hot camera is basically hot potato with a camera. Everyone stands in a circle and then passes the “hot camera” around. The auto timer must be set to take a picture and as the camera is passed it must be aimed at the guests. When in possession of the camera you must strike a pose and then pass it on. If you have the camera when the timer goes off, you must pay the price. And that is totally up to the host to compile a list of “dares” and then dish then out.

Of course fun adult party games are not a must for each and every party but what I learn this past weekend is they sure do help to make a party way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more fun!

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