Christmas Party Ideas: The Neighborhood Drop-In

As neighbourhoods go, I’m pretty sure I landed in the best one in town. It’s not posh or even picturesque. But it is a neighbourhood steeped in tradition. Neighbours say hello. They will keep an eye on your house when you are away or pop in and feed the dog if you’re running late. And then there’s the annual summer street party. Twelve years and going strong;  up go the road blocks and out come the barbecues and lawn chairs. In winter, when snow is drifting and cold winds blowing, we have our annual Caribbean party… crank up the heat, show up in shorts and flip flops and make like a tourist! See what I mean? The best!

So, this year I am stepping up to the plate and opening my doors for a Christmas “drop-in”. Knowing these folks though, it’ll be more of a “stay-in”. It will be a stretch if all thirty guests decide to hang at the same time, as our house is a bit cozy for so many. But with drink in hand, most are happy to stand around for hours. I wonder if I’m being a bit too cavalier. I’m feeling pretty confident for so little planning.

I made up cute invitations on my Word Doc. and sent them out via email, back in early November. Then I printed off hard copy flyers and passed them around too. I also touched in with a few people to make sure they got the invitation, since I didn’t ask for and did not want RSVP. I really wanted them to get the “drop-in” idea.

Christmas Party Ideas: Decorations Add the Perfect Touch

In the weeks since I sent out the invitations, the excitement has been building… in me! I’m more into this now than when the original idea came to me. Every time I go out shopping (which is a lot), I pick up a little something to enhance the atmosphere for the big day. I got a beautiful glass (actually acrylic) reindeer for the table, decorated our front entrance with a vase full of gold bobbles and evergreen and hung big red bows  around our outdoor lights. I find that little touches can have more impact than loud statements and besides, we couldn’t fit a tree AND the neighbours! I went to my friend’s flower boutique to make a Grinch Tree. They are the coolest.

Christmas Party Food Ideas

With the day approaching, I feel in pretty good shape. Food and drink is next and again, I’m into impressive little touches rather than a lavish spread. Canapés people? I’ve already got the shrimp ring in the freezer. While I am not a big fan of pot luck, I know some people just can’t help themselves and I will graciously accept their offerings.

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So bring on the neighbours! Let them sip wine, nibble on lightweight munchies and admire my shocking pink Grinch Tree! ‘Tis the season. Here’s to spreading the joy.

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