The other day my neighbor asked for some advice regarding cheap birthday party ideas or as I like to call them economical party solutions. She didn’t want my help as she her goal was to plan this one on her own, for once as she said. But wondered if I could provide her with a brief blueprint of some cheap birthday party ideas to help get her on her way.

If you’re like me, you have some really wonderful memories of your birthday parties when you were growing up. When I was seven, one of my best birthday party memories was when about ten friends came over, we had a bucket of KFC and played games all afternoon. But the days of a gaggle of friends, a bucket of chicken and party games are long gone. And in its place it seems like birthday parties have become more excessive and elaborate than ever. I have attended and even planned some kid’s birthday parties that top or outdo even some events and weddings I have known. And the truth is for a birthday party to be awesome it does not require you to break the bank. In my books, cost never equals greatness.

Cheap Birthday Party Ideas – Keeping Up with the Joneses!

When planning a kids birthday party, the in style thing seems to be to throw an extravagant and showy celebration. Bragging rights and parent pressure without a doubt have changed the landscape. You know a keeping up with the Joneses type of scenario; they did this so we have to do that times two. Which really makes no sense and only seems to create anxiety and stress for the parent, the exact person putting on the pressure. And when you think about it, most kids I know are pretty pleased with a straightforward, easy peasy and fun birthday party.

Cheap Birthday Party Ideas – Five Cheap and Cheerful Tips!

There are lots of cheap birthday party ideas that can be done to keep costs under control and still create fun. So let’s get started.

Timing – Take into consideration the time of day you throw your party. The timing of a kid’s birthday party will definitely effect the budget. If you have your party near lunch or dinner you are required to provide a meal. Food can be an important but costly element to any party. By timing the celebration budget appropriate say 3:00pm you are not obliged to provide a full meal.

Guest List – It’s a kid celebration so first and foremost the guest list should include only, you guessed it kids. Ensure the parents are aware that it’s a drop-off, pick-up party scenario; helping to save on any extra food, drinks and other party indulgences. Some say the unwritten rule when it comes to kid’s birthday parties is one guest for every year old they are; so for a seven year old it’s seven guests. A perfect way to keep the soiree the perfect size and on budget.

Location, Location, Location – There are all kinds of cool and groovy venues that are appropriate to host a kids birthday party. But if you are looking to keep the budget in-check then it’s a house party for you. There is a lot one can do to spruce up the house and turn it into a party zone. Choose a party theme and carry it through-out the house; take a portion of the money saved not using a venue and put it into some party crafts and activities and your half way there.

Decorations – Short on cash? Some of the most successful parties I have planned were when I was trying to keep things on the cheap. And cheap doesn’t mean inferior or poor in quality. Balloons are great for party decorating. Not only do kids love them and I really mean love them but balloons go a long way to extending the budget. Don’t count out the always helpful dollar store, they come chocked full of great ideas and supplies. And they are all about getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Games and Activities  One of the best ways to stay on budget and save is with super-duper party games and activities. Birthday party games and activities are all about joy and fun for the kids. And really there are so many classics to choose from, so get started by putting together a list of age appropriate amusements. And keep in mind they don’t have to come prepackaged and ready to play. You can easily match them to the theme and don’t forget you want them to be interactive, creative and out of this world fun.

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Planning a birthday party for your kid has to be fun but it doesn’t have to be costly. There really are so many great cheap birthday party ideas out there. All it takes is some time, energy and preparation. And don’t discount the dollar store and online party stores, they are budget friendly and have a plethora of super ideas and supplies.

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