Boys Birthday Party Ideas – Taking the Party Outside

Sometimes girls are just easier. We’re not talking about clothes or puberty, but when it comes to shopping, play dates and birthday parties, girls just seem to be a little easier. There are a lot of options out there for girls, but for the young boys in our lives we may have to work a little harder to get them interested and keep them engaged. And when it comes to boys birthday party ideas and birthday parties, any mom can tell you there is nothing worse than a room full of bored boys!

So no princess parties, tea parties or even craft parties allowed anywhere near this party zone. When planning your sons’ birthday party if you want something that will keep them active, engaged and happy, think of taking the party outside.

Boys Birthday Party Ideas – Summertime and the Living is Easy

Almost everyone loves hanging around the pool on a hot summer day. So if you or someone you know has a pool, it’s a great option for that summertime birthday party. Some party games can be converted for the pool and with a few noodles, balls and lots of sunscreen, you’re good to go.

But while planning it may be a little easier, there is also a lot of responsibility that goes along with having a pool party. That’s why our absolute first recommendation with any pool party would be to staff it properly. If you’re concerned about the amount of adult supervision, you can easily hire a lifeguard for a few hours. This will ensure that, regardless of how much help you have recruited safety comes first. It will free you up to get things done and give both you and the parents of the kids attending, peace of mind.

Boys Birthday Party Ideas – Autumn

Fall is a little trickier because, depending on where you live, the weather may not want to cooperate. Always have a backup plan which, on short notice may be your house so be prepared!!

If your son is partial to a specific sport, such as baseball or soccer, theme the party around that. You can have a game at the park near your house and include drills and games that are appropriate for all of the kids, regardless of age and skill level. To take the ballpark feel a step further, put popcorn and peanuts (allergy alert) in the ballpark style bags (available at most dollar stores), Or make up a game day program on your computer for the kids to take with them at the end of the day.

Ballpark lunch is on the menu with hotdogs, burgers and maybe even nachos. For dessert you can even rent a cotton candy or sno-cone machine. Kids (of all ages) love ballpark food!

Boys Birthday Party Ideas – Winter

Outdoor winter parties are a sticky one. Everyone has a different view and tolerance to the cold. And even more than an autumn party, you really are dependent on the weather to cooperate. And of course, you need to have a Plan B in your back pocket.

Skiing parties are a great way to spend the day. Fresh air, swooshing down the hill, feeling alive. However, there are a lot of kids who have never skied before or their skill levels may vary greatly. And it’s up to you to ensure that everyone comes dressed properly. It just takes a little extra planning.

When planning a ski party it’s important to ensure that the kids have either all skied before or have never skied before and can all take a lesson together first. Group rates are usually available for lessons and a little bit of basic instruction can go a long way toward everyone enjoying their day.

Boys Birthday Party Ideas – Spring

A lot of theme parks open early in the spring to get up and running (and work out the kinks) before the busy season, and often at reduced seasonal rates. And many even offer party packages.

It’s an even an easy party to theme! have a lot of great invite options and you can even tailor your invitations around the theme park. Food can be purchased in park but if you decide that feeding a group of kids at the park is a little steep ($8 hot dogs can choke a parent) most parks have picnic areas that allow you to bring your food. At the end of the day a loot bag centered around the park is a great souvenir to help them remember the totally awesome party they went to!!

With so many great boys birthday party ideas tell the boys to put down the video games and to turn the TV off! Take the party outside and enjoy the fresh air, the laughter and, at the end of the day, the tired and happy party goers!

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