reen house gases. Undersea mountains of trash. The shrinking ozone layer.

You may wonder what these have to do with birthday party planning and throwing a party. Actually, more than you realize. A recent trend (if you can call it that) is throwing a “green party”. So much waste can go into throwing a great bash. But you’re not David Suzuki and are unsure how little changes can make a big difference. But really they can!! The planet appreciates every little change we make and the earth is protected just a little bit more.

So how can throwing a party, without any extra hassles, be green? Easy. Try evites and evites for birthdays!

Birthday Party Planning – Evites…What Are They?

Quite simply, Evite birthday invitations is an online invitation. And although Evites have been around for over a decade, they have been increasing in popularity recently.


Evites offer an environmentally friendly, cost effective way of sending out invitations. They allow you to create and send out invitations without the costs associated with sending out paper invitations. No stationary, no postage costs and best of all, no writer’s cramp from neatly writing out fifty invitations!

They also enable you to manage your invites. You can see who has accepted (attending), who is still undecided (maybe), who has declined your birthday evite (not attending) and those who have not yet replied (not replied). The site also lets you send out reminders and has a spot for guests to leave a comment.

Birthday Party Planning – Are Birthday Evites Right for My Party?

Today most people are online. Over 80% of homes in America have a computer with internet access. That means that, in the simplest of math terms, at least 80% of your guests can receive evite birthday cards. You can send out birthday party evites for kids and adults alike.

Not only can your guests respond to your invitation online, but they can also see who else has also received a birthday party evite and has been invited, who is coming, and who has declined. And while that may have had severe repercussions when you were in high school (I’m not going if she’s going), hopefully that’s not the case now!

Birthday Party Planning – Choosing Your Evite Site is one of the more popular evites site and quite possibly the first one. But there are several evite party invitation sites to choose from. Browse and see which templates, colors and styles you prefer. Consider it the electronic version of going to the mall and shopping for your invitations…but without the food court!

It’s easy to go green. Send out free birthday evites.  A few small steps towards a greener party will make all the difference towards a greener planet.

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