Looking to throw a great birthday party for your tween? The real whiz when it comes to coming up with fantastic birthday party ideas for tweens is a tween. So who better to talk to for some inspiration, some on the spot and much preferred birthday party ideas then the actual tween about to celebrate.

“What exactly is a tween?”you ask. The free dictionary online describes a tween as “A child between middle childhood and adolescence, usually between 8 and 12 years old.” So your child is growing up and way too old for the typical Barbie, Cat in the Hat style birthday. Just because your tween is growing up doesn’t mean they won’t still want to have a party, but they want the best birthday party ever.

Birthday Party Ideas for Tweens – Fun, Fun…FUN!

So you’re thinking that gone are the days when planning your child’s birthday party was actually fun and an easy going experience. Remember back in the day, all you needed to know was their favorite flavor and TV character and that would get you started with all the birthday party planning required.

But tweens still love to celebrate and they still love a good birthday party. And there are lots of really great birthday party ideas out there to not only please the parent planning the party but will also exceed the expectations of the guest of honor as well. So when planning that special birthday party for your special tween, put on the thinking cap and consider all the great birthday ideas, birthday party themes and you are well on your way to planning an unforgettable birthday party.

Birthday Party Ideas for Tweens – Getting Started!

There are lots of great tween and kids birthday party ideas and websites out there to help that are  filled with some of the new and on trend ideas as well as some great classics too. As the story goes, find a great party theme ideas that they will love and enjoy and a successful party is sure to follow.

Murder Mystery Party – The absolute favorite, always a classic, murder mystery party is a great way to get all the birthday  party goers involved. From the moment the kids arrive the entire party is themed around the murder mystery plot, from start to finish. Begin with a fun and appealing plot, then assign the kids their parts and characters and dress them up. All the decorations, activities and games, food menu, cake and goody bags should all revolve around the murder mystery plot. Solving a murder mystery has never been so delicious or so much fun!

Dance Party – There isn’t a tween around that doesn’t just love music and of course a dance party fits the bill. Decorate the party space like an all ages club or if the budget allows, rent a club that is available for private parties. Either way you have set the scenario for an amazingly fun dance party. When the kids arrive you can simply make them over by adding some sparkle by changing and enhancing their hair, creating dazzle by adding make up and transform their look by tweaking their outfits. All in the name of dance party fun! Provide great music and it will be an amusing and enjoyable time and it really will be easy to get all the kids up dancing and singing. The food, cake and goody bag will follow along with the dance party theme and will be sure to have the gang bopping and a boogieing!

TV Show Party – This is an all-time favorite for kids of every age, tweens and teens alike. Find out what TV show is your tweens absolute can’t miss preferred show and then you can easily theme a party around it. First take the party space and decorate throughout with that chosen number one show. If it’s a game show or reality talent show, you can then simply design the party activities in conjunction with the TV show’s real challenges. If the best in show TV program is a sitcom or drama, just match each party guest with a show character and then make them over into the style. A wig here, a hat there, a look and some make-up will do wonders to set the scene. By taking the show and making a party of it, coordinating the food, the cake, the goody bag and all the other fun party ingredients, there’s no doubt an Emmy on your horizon.

While tweens are no longer little kids anymore, they are definitely not grown-ups either. Their existence as a tween can be challenging and really is all about being cool and part of the group. So having the right party they want is an important part of their reality. So do some research and become the parent of the year by planning the perfect birthday party for the tween in your life.

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