When it comes to birthday party ideas, the question remains, are all parties created equal?

We all try to come up with different ideas for our parties, whether they’re cocktail parties, retirement parties or kid’s birthday parties. Especially kid’s birthday parties. It’s a tough world out there on the school playground and while a party doesn’t have to be extravagant, it has to be fun. Not over the top, but memorable and entertaining all while not breaking the bank or breaking the parents.

There are so many options available to parents these days in the birthday party world. DIY’ers have brought home parties to a whole new level while venues have become more creative while trying to get your business.

So what’s a parent to do?

Birthday Party Ideas – The Movie Theater Party

I literally just got off the phone with my friend Karen who just had her eight year old daughter’s birthday party. And while Karen had searched high and wide for something a little crazy and original, her daughter requested a simple movie theater party this year.

The movie theater party is a little different today than when we were kids. Back in the day, our parents would take us to McDonalds and then try to get us to the theater on time and have to buy (and carry!) popcorn, drinks and treats for 10, 15, even 20 kids. And there was also transportation to worry about.

Birthday Party Ideas – It’s Time to Play the Music, It’s Time to Light the Lights

…it’s time to get things started on the Muppet Show tonight!

Karen’s daughter loves the Muppets so when she heard that The Muppet Movie was coming out, there was no other party that would do. So Karen set out to find out what was available for the modern day movie theater party.

One big difference was that today, most theaters have a party room available to parents and their guests. This allows them, for a set cost, to come in, eat, play and then go see a movie. Everything contained in one area. Sweet.

Karen had the choice of two packages. Package one included the ticket and a “kids combo”, soda, popcorn and a small chocolate bar. Package two was an extra $2 per child (that’s not a typo, two bucks) and they also got the choice of a meal. It was pretty standard fare, hotdog, hamburger or pizza, but for the extra $2 it was a no brainier. Any adults were full price and paid extra on top.

In addition to the food, ticket and party room, the party package included a party hostess. The hostess not only served the food and cleaned up after the kids (a blessing to any parent having a kid’s birthday party) but escorted them into the theater and even brought them their popcorn and drinks! A great addition for any parent trying to keep an eye on 20 kids.

Birthday Party Ideas – Was It Worth It?

There were a few glitches. It was the week before Christmas and Karen had booked the party at literally the busiest mall in town. But she recruited a few extra adults to help corral the kids and she stood curb side, waiting for parents to drop the kids off. It was a great idea that the guests’ parents appreciated because it meant they didn’t have to find parking!

After telling me about the party Karen stated that it was, hands down, the easiest party she ever had. It cost her (without loot bags or cake) about $20 per child. The kids had a great time and it truly was a no fuss, no muss, kind of day for her.

She’s already trying to convince her son of the merits of a movie theater birthday party!

A birthday party doesn’t have to be a huge blowout to be a success. More and more companies are offering all inclusive parties that are fun and easy on both parents and their wallets!

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