Birthday Party Games (Most Popular Types)

Let The Party Games Begin….

Why do kids get to have all the fun? No, really, WHY!?! What is the actual reason? Why can’t adults join in, or even have fun and games of our own? If you’re looking to amuse and entertain, and want your guests to have a blast and rave about your party long after it’s over, be sure to include birthday party games. Because when it comes to birthday party planning, the fun begins and ends with great birthday party games.

Adult Party Games Have Come A Long Way…

Gone are the days when the idea of adult party games conjures up thoughts of kids games like “pin the tail on the donkey” or shower games like “toilet paper wedding dress” or the dreaded “name the baby items”. Ahhh the memories… But adult birthday party games truly have come a long way. There are now so many options choose from, both old and new, that can be included when planning your next birthday party.

Let the Party Games Fun Begin…

I recently attended a fiftieth birthday party for the husband of a good friend of mine. The hostess decided, for the first time ever, to include some adult (clean) party games. In addition to the great food, delicious signature beverages and outstanding decorations, the birthday party games actually took the party and elevated it to a level of fun. The games in fact added to each and every guest’s party experience and everyone guest, truly had a blast. To this day the guests can’t stop talking about the games and fun that was had by all.

Kinds of Party Games Playing…

There are so many assorted adult party games available. And shockingly, the majority of them do not involve alcohol and or actual drinking. First step, when planning the various party components, theme, décor, food and beverages and guest list, take those components and match them with your party games. There are several different web sites you can visit that share lists of different party games, easily downloadable. So take note, of the many types (sometimes just the name says it all) of party games out there:

For Adults Only – These party games are for adults only, though these are “clean” games, they are specifically for adults only.

Icebreakers – Icebreakers will help introduce your guests and engage those who are shy or have never met each other.

While Dancing – These party games are played while in the dancing mode. These dancing games are played between and during dances.

Joking – These party games are played in a joking, humorous manner. The name says it all and you want your guests to have a sense of humor before playing these games.

Questionnaire – These games are played in a “Q&A” style. These games tend to be among the most popular and enjoyable. They are fun, user friendly and can usually be prepared ahead of time.

For Married Couples – These party games are for married couples. These games involve and require both people in the couple to participate for success and laughs.

Everyone loves a birthday party and all that they involve. Add birthday party games and depending on the guests and games chosen, party games can and will keep the party on track and will delight your guests. They won’t stop talking about the unforgettable event they attended!

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