It doesn’t matter your age or gender, birthday parties are meant to be filled with fun, happiness and good times all around. Birthday party favors (and loot bags) are small, modest gifts handed out to the birthday party guests as a “thank you” for attending the party. They can be given during the party but are most often handed out as a guest leaves the party. They not only serve as a remembrance of the fete and the fun times had by all, but they also make your guest feel special.

Don’t just fill in space by jumping at the easiest and cheapest items available. Take a minute and put some thought into the likes (and dislikes) of the party guests. Think back to when you were a kid and how exciting it was to receive that extra special party favor or loot bag. It didn’t matter how much fun you were having, you just couldn’t wait to leave the party to see which favors were in that loot bag. There are as many party favor ideas as there are party themes. You can easily put together a unique, useful and oh so fun favor or loot bag (that won’t drive parents crazy) without breaking the bank.

Birthday Party Favor Ideas – Be Smart When it Comes to Party Favors

A party favor/loot bag can literally make or break a shindig and long after the party has ended is a terrific way to keep the kids entertained. Some of kids most favorite loot bags are the more unique and unusual ones. Don’t follow the same old routine, a quick visit to the dollar store to load up on all that plastic stuff. Think outside of the box and be creative. Party favors come in all shapes, sizes and price points. So don’t let budget concerns hold you back.

Birthday Party Favor Ideas – Crafts, Candy & Toys Oh MY!

Here are some really fun party favor/loot bag ideas to get you started.

Incorporate a craft into the party where you engage and entertain your guests, while at the same time they actually make an item or two found in the loot bag. Making a picture frame with Popsicle sticks or decorating some low cost picture frames will keep all of those budding designers happy and engaged. Be sure to take a picture of the guests that they can put in the frame (you can forward it either through email or snail mail at a later date).

Always a favorite is door hanger designing. Have paper door hangers available along with colored pencils, stickers and all the decorating fixings. The kids won’t be able to wait to get home display their final masterpiece! You can do the same with pencils or a multitude of other items, just replace the door hanger with pencils or another item and have the kids decorate away.

Another fun idea is to purchase some fabric paint and inexpensive t-shirts and let them go crazy and decorate their own shirt. One mother went as far as to have each party guest autograph the shirts and then everyone attending left with a special and personal favor.

My personal and most favorite favor, and part of the loot bag experience, is all about the candy, candy, candy. And did I mention the candy? There are so many ways to go with this. You can easily purchase a great variety of candy and chocolate and include it in the loot bag hall. Or buy small bags, boxes or containers and load up with an assortment of yummy sweets. Don’t forget about the mini (plastic) gumball machines, always a hit with kids of all ages. With a little time and leg work you can personalize and customize all sorts of candy and chocolate. Enhance the party theme or feature the party boy or girl by tailoring Hershey bars, M&M, lollipops, gum, lifesavers and more. Commemorate that very special day with some very special treats! I promise you there is no kid (of any age) that wouldn’t be happy to receive a candy enhanced loot bag.

Or take a step towards a stress free birthday party planning experience. Where does it say that party favors and loot bags have to be costly, extravagant and elaborate? There is a huge selection of enjoyable and nifty party favor toys and games available. Themed, customized or not, brand name or no name, they are all there for the picking. Look for things that are less expensive, practical, useable and will last a long time. Keep in mind the age range and interests of your party guests and you will find there are so many great ideas out there. From cartoon and TV characters to Disney products to classic party favors including silly putty, yo-yos, play dough, small sports balls or super balls, they’re all enjoyable party favors and the list is literally endless.

Though not required, party favors are a special way to say thank you to a guest for attending your party celebration. There are lots of great, surprising and affordable birthday party favor ideas available. Get out to the party stores or let your fingers do the walking to find the right items for your loot bags. Not only will you be happy you did, the birthday kid and the guests will be too.

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