Birthday Parties and Helping Parents 2 Rock!

I’ve planned more than my share of birthday parties. Some for business and many more for friends and family. And I can say that I have made a few miss steps along the way. If there’s anything I have learned it’s that the adults don’t control all things at kids’ birthday parties. Whenever you bring a group of kids together unforeseen things are likely to happen. Whenever I am working on birthday parties for the younger set, my secret is to know not to expect perfection.

Birthday Parties and Kids You Just Never Know!

While there are some things we can’t control there are so many other things we can. The power is ours when it comes to the budget, invitations, venue, food, decorations, goody bags, cake and the like. But stuff is going to happen and there will be fights, spills and at some point tears. Let’s just hope there not yours.

Case in point, recently I was helping a friend supervise her eleven year old daughter’s birthday party. All the birthday girl wanted was a build your own ice cream sundae bar. So as a surprise during the party her mother brought all the guests together. So they could build the biggest ice cream sundae ever with all the fixings’. The plan was to build it and then devour it. But as you can image the plan didn’t go as expected. At one point a huge ice cream fight erupted and there was not only chaos but ice cream and everywhere. Proving my point, we can’t control everything when it comes to kids’ birthday parties. And yes if you’re curious, there were tears!

Birthday Parties and KISS!

When it comes to birthday parties, planning is definitely part of the fun. Having the opportunity to decide on all the bits and pieces. That later become the celebration is a large part of the party experience. No matter what, the goal is to ensure the guest of honor feels special and a memorable time is had by all. Remember don’t go it alone and ask for help when needed. And hopefully in the end, you won’t have to call a Code Red. But if you do you can always call in the KISS Army.

Never fear KISS loves kids and birthday parties. And it seems they will make it all better. Because not only do they love kids they love helping Parents 2 Rock!

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