10 Coolest Birthday Balloons You’ll Want for Your Next Party

Parties — especially birthday parties — are a great way to celebrate with friends and family. If you’re invited to a birthday party, your job is simple. If you’re the one throwing the party, then things get more complicated. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work needed to pull off a great party. 

Tips for Planning the Perfect Birthday Party

Planning birthday parties takes time, energy and organization. Laser focus would definitely come in handy! Here are some party-planning tips to make your party go as smoothly as possible.


the first task to tackle is creating your guest list. You might invite friends, family members or a combination of the two. Once you have your plan, it’s time to notify all potential guests. There are many ways you can do this.

A Facebook invite may be the easiest way to go about inviting people because you can do it from your couch and you won’t need to purchase stamps. If you choose to send invitations by mail, then you can make the invitations yourself or buy them. If you want to get an idea of how many people are coming to make the best use of your space and supplies, don’t forget to ask for RSVPs. And, including a self-addressed, stamped response card is a great way to get an accurate count.


You might have a specific idea of what your party should look like, which will make picking out decorations a little easier. If you have no theme in mind, however, and don’t expect you’ll be inspired anytime soon, then just make sure you go with a classic standby. Pick a bright, cheery atmosphere conducive with a celebration.

Decorate Your Space

What’s a party without decorations? Now let’s focus on some fun, clever ways to provide the perfect birthday party ambiance. Whether you’re the crafty type and like to make things by hand or you’re the type to prefer a run to the store, here are some basics to help get you set up.


If you have a theme carry that right onto your largest, main table. You can use tablecloths or table runners. You can also use standing center pieces as your decoration, just don’t forget to leave room for the food! You’ll also want to reserve space for plates, bowls, cups, cutlery or anything else applicable to your celebration.

You might also consider having another table designated for cards and/or gifts. This one doesn’t necessarily need to look fabulous because the gifts and cards will surely jazz it up.

Hanging Decorations

One of the most common things to see at a birthday party is a “Happy Birthday” banner, so that’s the perfect place to start. You might also consider using a garland and/or streamers. Garland can be created from simple supplies such as string, card stock, glue and/or tape. Or, you can find garland at local stores with party sections.

Another idea is to use thin, disposable tablecloths as curtains if you have an appropriate entry space such as the way into a breakfast nook or dining area where your main table is located. If you go with a simple or elegant theme, these things could be on the mild side or even skipped.

Photo booth

Photo booths are a popular trend that give your guests the perfect opportunity to remember a special occasion with friends and/or family. You can go all out and rent an actual photo booth or you can simply create a photo space where your guests can make use of their own phone cameras.

To create a space, start with a blank wall and hang a thin, disposable tablecloth for a simple color background. Add in any decorations you wish. You can also go crazy and do a combination of the two! Another thing to consider are props. They will definitely bring an exciting vibe to the party and get people talking and laughing.

Swag Bags


Some people make little gift bags as a thank you to their guests for coming to the party. Resembling goodie bags from childhood birthday parties, these take-home swag bags include such popular items as bath bombs, lip balms or glosses, bracelet hair ties, nail care supplies and candy. If you have a theme picked out, it could be something to tie in with that. Swag bags are not a necessity, but sure can be a cute touch and a nice way to thank your guests for making time in their busy schedules to show they care.

The Cake

Whether you make it from scratch, a box mix or buy it from a store, the cake is a crucial part of any birthday party. There are replacements that are traditionally acceptable like cupcakes or an ice cream cake. Whichever route you decide to take, be sure you know how you want it to look and what you want it to say. It may be an extravagant creation to go with your theme or something as simple as writing “Happy Birthday.” Using cake toppers is an easy and stylish choice, as well.

10 of the Coolest Birthday Balloons

Balloons are fun to look at, fun to play with and you’ll find them at most birthday parties — no matter the age of the birthday celebrant. Here are some of the coolest birthday balloons to make your party memorable:

1. Black Light Party Balloons

  • These birthday balloons will glow under a black light for loads of neon fun
  • They would give a black light party the perfect touch
  • You can purchase a pack of 24 balloons for about $14 

 2. Confetti Balloons

  • These birthday balloons are clear and can be purchased in a wide variety of confetti colors like silver, gold, rose gold and even rainbow
  • This would be a good edition to any party because they can look fun or sophisticated (depending on their surroundings)
  • You can buy 25 of these for about $12

3. Safari Assortment

  • These birthday balloons have a variety of animal prints
  • They would pair perfectly with an animal-themed party
  • For 12 balloons, it costs around $6

4. Party LED Lights 

  • These are blinking, light-up party balloons
  • They come in assorted colors and last 12-24 hours
  • They are easy to use (batteries included)
  • A pack of 50 costs about $13

5. Traditional Superagate Tie Dye Assortment

  • These balloons have a cool tie dye effect using all sorts shades and colors
  • They bring a fun, unique look perfect for colorful parties
  • A pack of 12 costs about $9

6. U-Star Latex Twisting Balloons

  • These are oblong-shaped birthday balloons that can be blown up to over a foot in length
  • You can leave them as is for a special twist, or see who can make the best balloon animal
  • A pump for inflation is included with purchase
  • The cost of 200 of these balloons is approximately $14

7. Emoji Universe Series One: Smiley Face Balloons

  • These birthday balloons are yellow with all different happy emoji faces
  • These will be sure to keep your guests smiling much like themselves
  • A pack of 72 emoji balloons costs about $9

8. AnnoDeel Latex Spiral Balloons

  • These birthday balloons are yellow with all different happy emoji faces
  • Super silly looking and can get as long as 40 inches
  • About 100 of these balloons cost about $10

9. LED Light Up BoBo

  • These birthday balloons are crystal clear and can expand up to 18 inches
  • If they have been blown up with helium, the string of tiny lights that come included can be wrapped around the balloon leaving the rest of the lights to hang down to the floor instead of having the traditional curling ribbon
  • If you don’t use helium, you can make these balloons have the opposite effect by hanging the end of light string from the ceiling and letting the balloon hang down toward the floor
  • These look truly incredible and come in multi-colored or warm white, letting them easily slip into any theme or stand out all on their own
  • They can last up to 72 hours
  • Five of these birthday balloons costs around $15

10. Foil Balloons

  • You can find virtually anything in foil balloon form
  • If you have a specific or uncommon request, a foil balloon is the way to go
  • Some examples of foil birthday balloons that are trending are letters, numbers, animals (even imaginary animals such as unicorns and dragons) and many food items


Hopefully these party planning tips help inspire you to plan ahead, stay organized and make your party everything you want it to be. It may even inspire you to pick a theme, change a theme to something that suits you better or even go rogue! Best of luck planning, decorating, partying and, most especially, choosing the perfect birthday balloons for you.

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