Beyond the Trade Show Booth Design

Is your trade show booth design on its last legs? Is it a bit dog-eared and old fashioned? Has your trade show display seen one too many crowds? The evolution and innovation of trade show booth design is definitely on the up-swing. We’ve all attended and seen one after another trade show displays with a lack of booth design. If you want to grab attention than your booth design must be attention grabbing. Traffic and success comes with standing out and engaging the crowd with an eye catching, unique and extraordinary booth design.

Trade Show Exhibits and Booth Design

In our on-going series on trade shows we’ve previously shared steps to take your trade show experience from ordinary to extraordinary. Budgets are imperative, staffing is essential and trade show selection is a necessity. If you have the time, budget and resourcefulness, you’re on the way to reaching your goals. And isn’t that the point creating a space and environment that will work for you.

Next time you’re at a trade show have a stroll around and you’ll see a bunch of exhibits with poor booth design. With vague messages, useless branding and ones that are too loud or too chaotic and too laid-back or just the opposite. You’ll also see a lot of displays with a really impressive booth design. That will help a trade show booth to stick out, attract attention, an effective crowd puller if you will.

Booth Design and What You Need to Know

If you’re looking to attract attention, interest the crowd and ultimately reach your goals. These steps will help to get you on your way.

Set Goals. Setting trade show objectives and goals will help to shape and influence your booth design. It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Before you get started, set goals, think benefits, features and challenges. Do you participate in tradeshows often or only once in a while? Are you looking for lots of leads or opportunities for conversation? Do you want an accessible and welcoming space or a cozy and tranquil one? What do you want them to remember about your organization? What kind of impact are you looking to have? High tech or low tech? All valid questions that will ultimately help to influence your booth design decisions.

Be Unique. If you going to participate in a trade show you already know the kind of investment that is involved. It takes a huge investment just to take part in a show and all that is involved. And equally it takes quite an investment to make your booth unique. First and foremost you want to be able to use your booth over and over again. Don’t cheap out, stick out and be noticed. Remember most times you get what you pay for. In addition you want flexibility, usefulness and the ability to change. If the goal is to draw attention and be noticed then uniqueness is your friend.

Booth Must-Haves. When it comes to booth design, step one figure out what requirements and must haves are needed. During show hours the booth is your temporary office and working area. So you’ll want to ensure you carve out the space to accomplish what is crucial like demonstrations and conversations along with some storage space. You want to leave a mark and provide the opportunity for delegates to feel your product or service not just observe it. And you want your trade show exhibit design to attract attention as well as encourage interest and maybe some Q&A.

It’s all about the Brand. One of the main reasons we participate in a trade show is about communicating our message and brand. And that in its self helps to make for a winning trade show experience. Every single exhibitor has just mere milliseconds to influence and attract a delegate. Ensure the booth effortlessly and straightforwardly communicates the true message. And be sure your trade show images and graphics bolsters your message. Making brand uniqueness the core to trade show exhibits.

There is so much that goes into creating the right trade show booth exhibit design. It depends on so much; the trade show, the organization and the vision that is trying to be delivered. The range of different trade show booths has come a long way. Check out Trade Show Displays: Which Type Is Right for You to see some of what’s out there.

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