How To Have The Best Trade Show Booth Ever!

Participating in trade shows is a smart way for an organization to get noticed. No matter the reason, choosing to take part in a trade show is a big decision. The logistics of organizing all that is involved can be tricky. We all want bigger and better and to produce the best trade show booth ever. With an eye on quality not quantity bigger doesn’t always mean better. A lesson I have definitely learned over the years; it’s not what you have, it’s what you do with what you have. Bigger space and tradeshow displays don’t always result in bigger traffic.

Sure trade shows are all about getting noticed, attracting attention and creating awareness. And we all want to make the most of that exposure while delivering the goods. But all that success does come at a cost. It takes a whole lot of hard work and yes buckaroos to be trade show successful. But when the show is said and done, you’re drained but on your way with a pile of leads and sales, making it well worth the effort.

Why the Best Trade Show Booth Matters

Remember it’s not the space or the size, it’s what you do with it. And I mean that in the most innocent way. If you want to attract noteworthy people than you must create a noteworthy trade show display. Crafting a striking and approachable booth will go a long way to attracting the audience you want. And if you’re willing to invest your time, energy, imagination and cash you’re on your way to a success story.

Times they are a changing. And these days participants exhibiting at trade shows has decreased. And for so many reasons including costs, lower attendance, virtual options and the ROI. Even with all the resources and bells and whistles the challenge is to ensure that your organization will be remembered. Therein lies the glitch, the next day potential customers scratching their heads asking whose trade show booth was that? And competitors are everywhere and we’re all competing for the same audience. Setting up a display that will bag a crowd’s interest, provide your message and keep an attendee in your booth for as long as possible is everything.

Five Ways to the Best Trade Show Booth

Looking to stand-out, create interest and ensure you’re trade show booth won’t be missed? Here are five tips to get you started and help along the way.

Have a Budget. Cost can easily get way out of whack and fast. Create a budget, stick to it and always know what you have funds for and what you don’t. A budget should be created based on the ROI you anticipate from the show experience.

Establish Objectives and Goals. There are a variety of reasons an organization participates in a tradeshow. We’re all looking to successfully achieve a laundry list of things. But the reality is they all won’t be realized. Before you get started determine your reasons for exhibiting and understand what you want to accomplish. Once the objectives and goals have been set all decisions will flow from there.

Understand the Audience. A wide, wide assortment of different people; from VIPS to executives from middle management to suppliers attend trade shows. Some industry professionals and some not so much. Prior to the show start it’s worthwhile and beneficial to first determine and then understand your audience. Recognize who your potential clients are and who you do want to connect with.

It’s All About Quality. Do you want to stand out? I often have trade show booth envy. I see other booths that include every single thing and kick myself. When budgets don’t allow for the whole shebang. Remember it’s always quality over quantity each and every time. From a display perspective, a perfectly created and set-up trade show booth is the window to success.

Location, Location, Location. Looking for the right traffic at a trade show, it’s all about booth location. Premier spots go fast and for a premium. If the budget allows go for it. Your success story has everything to do with getting and maintaining traffic. A first rate location can make a big difference when getting the most out of your trade show experience.

Enjoy. We can all tell who wants to be there and who doesn’t. And who’s having an enjoyable time and who isn’t. Remember to smile, your approach and outlook will go a long way to attracting traffic. Be seen by being friendly and hospitable, it will help to being remembered.

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Have you exhibited at a trade show? Are you considering it? Don’t forget being seen and heard in trade show booths is vital to accomplishing those goals. Like with so many things sometimes the first impression becomes the only impression. Provide a clear message and ensure you have the best trade show booth and you are half way there.

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