Besides Conventions What Else is a Convention Center Used For?

For some years now it has been said that key North American convention center business has been decreasing. For what literally seems a like a life time convention centers have relied on conferences and conventions for success and revenue. The steadfast focus was to secure the big business of conferences and conventions, citywide and the like, and if additional outside the box business was booked that was icing on the cake.

Business can be fickle and like with so many industries convention center sales can go up and of course what goes up must eventually come down. Convention centers are no longer just for conferences and conventions. With an ever changing horizon in the meetings market, when it comes to using and booking convention centers, the previous tested and proved business of conventions and conferences is now no longer the only game in town. And with a downward trend it is essential to respond in the best way possible to avoid a dip and decline and as that old saying goes when given lemons make lemonade.

So when conference and convention bookings are declining and the building facilities are still available, in what other ways can the space still be utilized?

Benefits of Using a Convention Center for Weddings

Convention centers provide the ultimate backdrop and space for weddings, delivering all the benefits of a strong and commanding venue along with the intimacy and warmth of a special celebration. Convention centers are a one stop shop, full service destination, able to assist in making preparations for everything from music to decorations to cake and so much more. They are great stress relievers offering, with the bride in mind options as well as personal and customize packages.

From a small and intimate celebration to the grandest of weddings, convention centers make for a perfect setting for that most special day. Centrally and conveniently located with an abundance of hotel accommodations, personalized and professional services and valuable amenities make a convention center the perfect venue for a wedding.

Benefits of Using a Convention Center for Green Events

Back in the day, it’s an understatement to say it was difficult to find a convention center that applied the three R’s reduce, reuse and recycle, let alone one that was considered environmentally friendly. These days there is definitely an increase in the number of North American convention centers that are going or have already gone green. By taking the lead, committing to creating and implementing guidelines and policies that will reduce the influence and effect our actions have on the environment and offering an environmentally green responsible venue, a green convention center can help organize not only a successful event a sustainable one as well.

When a convention center is committed to being green, dedicated to the best green practices and has a strong commitment to the environment, it’s easier than you think to hold a green sustainable event. Working closely with the convention center service team, all equipped with a full and comprehensive understanding of not only green practices but customer needs as well makes a convention center the perfect spot for your event. Creating, executing and enforcing green guidelines do in-fact help to lessen the effect our actions have on the planet. Making hosting a green event at a convention center a win-win situation.

Businesses constantly face the challenge to be more inventive, state-of-the-art and ground-breaking to compete. Convention centers are constantly looking to connect, amaze and exceed customer expectations in the most remarkable, outstanding and unforgettable way, to impress clients and win business. When searching for venues look outside the box. Consider venues for your events that you may not have considered in the past. When it comes to convention centers there is no detail or request that is too big or too small and they can provide the perfect environment, Eco-friendly environment that is for any celebration or event.

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