Benefits of Hiring a Celebrity Speaker

There are many benefits of hiring a celebrity speaker. A well-known guest speaker helps to bring that extra bit of energy and excitement to an event. While at the same time an event, any kind of event can be brought down by a badly chosen speaker. The right celebrity speaker brings attention and interest to an event. And it seems whenever people have the chance to mix and mingle with a celeb of any type they get excited. Celebrity speakers share hoping to help and inspire and motivate the crowd. Beyond that famous speakers add to an event by improving and increasing audience turnout. Using a celebrity speaker and their brand for an event will aid in strengthening and boosting attendance. And along with that, add a certain integrity, sincerity and believability.

Three “KNOWS” and Benefits of Hiring a Celebrity Speaker

So you want to find that right celebrity speaker for your event. There are a bunch of things to take into consideration when looking to hire a celebrity speaker.

Know your audience. Is the number one step to consider when looking to attract a specific audience. Ensure you know the crowd you are trying to appeal to and interest with your speaker. You want to be sure the celebrity speaker you like is the right match for your event audience. The goal is to get bodies in the chairs. But you want the speaker to do more than just fill seats. You want the crowd to feel the effects, influence and power of the speech. Making your speaker investment smart money.

Know your budget. What are the fees for celebrity speakers? A question that is asked and often but with no fixed answer. Booking a celebrity speaker is no run of the mill investment. Whether you go direct or use a speakers bureau, it can cost buckaroos to secure a quality celebrity speaker. Fees can run the gamut from $5,000 to $50,000 and more. And not all speakers are created equal. They bring different qualities and elements to the table and therefore have different charges and fees. Making it all that more important to know what you have in the budget to spend before you even get started.

Know your celebrity. Lots of audiences are excited to experience a celebrity and don’t really care what they do on stage. But you want to find a celebrity speaker that is an authority on their subject, has suitable content and will connect with the audience. Do they fit the budget? And what about their character, personality and ability to draw in and hold the crowd’s attention. The perfect fit is when you can match your needs to the know-how and experience of the speaker.

Benefits of Hiring a Celebrity Speaker using a Speakers Bureau

Celebrity speakers not your area of expertise? On top of everything else, it can take a ton of energy, time and hard work to find the most suitable speaker for your happening. Speakers bureaus are in business to help you find the best speaker for your meeting or event. They are up on all the fads, trends, availability and will do the research and legwork for you. A speakers bureau will; source and provide customized choices; negotiate fees; do their best to stay within budget; find the right fit; coordinate speaker logistics; make any last minute changes and in the end will save you valuable time. I believe if sourcing speakers isn’t your bag why not outsource the task and work with the pros.

Whether you go it on your own or you partner with a speakers bureau. Sourcing and hiring speakers can be an involved and varied experience. In the end it’s all about recognizing what it takes for success and the perfect performance. Be organized, understand the style and content you’re looking for, check references and always remember how much you have to spend.

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