Beginners Guide to Hiring a Disc Jockey

In our on-going series spotlighting vendors and what to consider when hiring them, this week we’re all about the entertaining services of a disc jockey. I have worked with some amazing disc jockeys that help to take my events to the next level. But I have also worked with a couple of real duds. No matter what the kind of event it is, no one is looking to hire a bad DJ. For many when it comes to booking suppliers often selecting the entertainment and specifically a disc jockey lands low on the list. Due in part to some do find the selection process to be a challenging one and a tad stressful.

Why Hire that Disc Jockey?

When planning an event, wedding or party one of the key decisions to make revolves around which disc jockey to hire? Once you start the search you will discover there’s a great deal of choices available. Ranging from the bigger corporate entertainment companies to the one man source and everything else in between. Being a disc jockey is work and really does entail a lot more than just playing good tunes. In their own way, a DJ is part entertainer and part performer. And with so much that happens out of sight and behind the scenes, a disc jockey should bring a boat load of know-how and experience to the job. In addition to the ability to spin tunes a successful DJ must be able to read the crowd, have strong social and problem solving skills, be able to communicate and listen effectively and must above all be able to work a room.

19 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Disc Jockey

A lot of us don’t find ourselves in the position of hiring a DJ that regularly. And like so many other things, disc jockeys are not one size fits all. So before you set out to hire the right disc jockey service, here’s some help to get you started.

1. Are you available on my date?
2. What kind of music do you play?
3. Can we have a say when it comes to the playlist?
4. How are song requests handled?
5. What equipment do you use?
6. Do you bring back up equipment?
7. How many events have you executed?
8. Have you worked at my venue?
9. Can you provide references?
10. Do you have insurance?
11. What do you charge?
12. Are there overtime charges?
13. What is the payment policy?
14. What makes you different from the competition?
15. Are there any other services that you provide?
16. How will the DJ be dressed?
17. How much time is needed for set-up?
18. Are we required to provide a meal?
19. Can we meet face-to-face before the event?

There are a lot of great DJ suppliers out there. When it comes to hiring a disc jockey or any other supplier never assume or even guess. You are the client so ask the questions all the questions that you want the answers for. And always provide your expectations and every bit of information the DJ will need to do the job successfully.

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