10 Fun Ideas For Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games are a great way to bond with guests who attend a baby shower. Games can be funny or even test the skills required to take care of a baby. Some hosts of baby showers give prizes to winners of the games, which can be a fun way to thank guests for sharing in the celebration of the day.

What Is a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a party to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. It ensures that the family has everything needed to care for the baby. Some believe the origins of the word shower is based on the intention of the party, which is to shower the family of the baby with gifts. Many cultures have different traditions that welcome a new baby into the world and a baby shower is one of these ways.

Baby shower games are a common activity at many of these celebrations.

Including More People in the Celebration

Traditionally, baby showers were for women only and they were given only for the first child. In recent years, the traditional baby shower has expanded to include more people and circumstances. Some people give showers for co-workers and include both male and female guests. Some hosts want to include the dad in the festivities and include him and friends of the family, regardless of gender.

There’s also a trend of showers for babies that are not the firstborn of the family. The host may ask for gifts such as diapers or clothing if the family already has many of the larger items required to care for the baby such as cribs or carriers.

Common Gifts

If the baby is a firstborn, the family usually needs everything required to care for a baby. Common gifts include a crib, bassinet, and car carriers. Some gift givers like to provide more practical items such as diapers, clothing, and bottles. If a baby has a sibling, the family may already have many of the items required for the baby’s care. A host may throw a party known as a “sprinkle,” where just a few items are needed for the family.

Registering for Gifts

Many new parents register at their favorite retailer, choosing items they need for the new baby. Friends and family can look at the registry (a list of the items chosen) and purchase items that the baby’s family needs. The retailer tracks which items have been purchased so that items get crossed off the list as they’re purchased. The idea is to allow as many items to be purchased for the baby as possible, without duplicating gifts.

10 Fun Baby Shower Games

No matter the type of shower you have, you’ll want to keep your guests entertained. The number of baby shower games you want to play depends on who your attendees are, the number of people attending, and the wishes of the mom-to-be. Many people love baby shower games and would be happy playing a bunch while others would be happy playing one or two. Whatever you decide, here are some fun ideas for baby shower games.

Hang Diapers on a Line

This challenge will involves hanging a clothesline, some clothes pins, and diapers. If your party is during good weather and you have your own clothesline, you can use the one you already have. Provide each player with a basket of diapers and clothespins. Give them a time limit and see how many diapers they can hang on the line. The one who hangs the most diapers on the line is the winner.

Make it even more challenging by using miniature clothespins (these can be purchased online or at many craft stores). If you use cloth diapers for this challenge, they can be given to the baby’s family to use as burp cloths or cleaning rags. 

Block Stack

This game requires a stack of blocks. You can purchase the wooden kind with letters and then give them to the mom-to-be afterward for the baby’s room. Blindfold participants while seated at a table with a bunch of the blocks in front of them. Players must stack the blocks as high as they can in an allotted time. The one who places the blocks in the highest stack wins. A fun variation on this game is to have players partner up. One partner is blindfolded while the other is not.

The player without the blindfold must direct the other player on how to stack the blocks.

Diaper Changing Dilemma

Get life-sized baby dolls. Line them up with some diapers (you can use either cloth diapers or disposable ones). Have guests compete by blindfolding them, then timing them to see who can most quickly and effectively diaper the baby without being able to see the doll. Some people prefer to use cloth diapers and pins for this game because the diapers can be given to the baby’s family when the shower is over.

If they do not plan to use cloth diapers, these diapers can still be used as burp cloths by the family.

Sock Hunt

Purchase two diaper bags – the more pockets and compartments the better. Load the diaper bags in exactly the same way with supplies for the baby. The diaper bags can include diapers, clothing, snacks, a blanket, and toys. Also, hide a baby sock in the diaper bag. Divide the guests into two teams. The team that finds the missing sock first is the winner.

Just as with many other games mentioned here, the baby supplies and bags used for this game can be given to the baby’s family.

Baby Food Tasting

This is another game that requires a blindfold. Provide some baby foods for people to taste while wearing a blindfold. The winner is the one who guesses the most foods correctly. Make it more challenging by choosing baby foods with a blend of ingredients. Baby food manufacturers now offer a lot more choices besides the traditional mushy peas (think ingredients like avocados, pumpkin, and curry – though not all together).

Bathtub Ball Ricochet

For this game, you’ll need a baby bathtub and some ping-pong balls. Fill the bathtub with water and have players bounce the balls into the water. The player who can land the most ping-pong balls into the water wins. You can purchase the balls in different colors to match the theme of the party if you would like. After the party, the baby’s family can use the tub for bathing their new bundle of joy.

Watch the Baby

Purchase small toy babies that are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Place them in a basket to display them. Assign one to each guest at the beginning of the shower. Guests must hold the toy baby for the duration of the shower. If they put the toy down or lose it, another guest can take it. Whoever has the most toys at the end of the celebration wins.

Outfit Maker

Fill a laundry basket with new baby socks, onesies, mittens, and hats. Have the participants each put together as many complete outfits as they can in the time allotted. The baby’s family can use the laundry basket and clothing when the baby is born.

Quiet, Don’t Say “Baby”

For this game, each guest is given a necklace to wear at the beginning of the shower. You can make these from ribbon strung with a pacifier and tied in a circle. Guests need to avoid saying the word “baby” during the party. Each time someone slips up and says “baby,” their necklace can be stolen by another guest to wear. The winner has the most necklaces at the end of the shower. The pacifiers may be given to the honoree of the shower to use for the new baby.

Obstacle Race

Set up an obstacle course with stuffed animals, diapers, and other baby items. Each player must scoot through the obstacle course on their bottom while sitting on a hooded bath towel. The player to finish the quickest is the winner. Another variation of this game has players wearing the towel and trying to keep it on while completing the course. If the towel touches the ground, the player must begin the course again.


Baby shower games are a wonderful way to celebrate a new member of the family. Many of the baby shower games above can use items that a mom-to-be or other members of her family can use long after the shower is over. The hostess can ask for party attendees to help supply some of the items needed for the games (clothing, bathtub, diaper bag, and so forth). This can help the hostess stay on budget if that’s a concern. It also helps guests to feel like a part of the planning of the baby shower games and party. In addition, using baby items for the games prevents waste because the baby’s family can use many of the items used in the baby shower games after the baby arrives.

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