Attention Party Planners-Beware of the Office Parties

For party planners, and especially the office party planning committee, the worst nightmare is when a colleague or friend makes a fool of themselves. We’ve all been to those office parties, whether for your work or a friend or spouse’s work, where someone at the party had a bit too much to drink and unleashed a verbal assault against the boss. And we’ve all had moments in our lives where we wanted to take back what we just said. But unfortunately life’s not like that.

Office Party Planning Can Be the Most Challenging for Party Planners

Today office parties are little more subdued than they were a couple of decades ago. I can remember attending parties where the alcohol was free-flowing and the food unlimited. Today there are a lot of liability issues that come into play. More and more we’re seeing office parties that end up being a nice meal out with the “gang from work”. Everybody has a nice meal, a glass of wine and then they’re on their merry way home. Sometimes these events are now even occurring at lunch hour. Planning an office Christmas party just isn’t what it used to be. And you know that can be a good thing.

After watching the video below you’ll understand why office party planners would rather have a more low key event lunch a lunch or dinner.

You can almost feel the emotion that the girl in this video went through the next morning. Can you just imagine how she felt going to work and seeing her boss for the very first time after this party.

If you are planning an office party then it’s always recommended that alcohol be kept to a minimum. I have always said that alcohol and work, even in a social setting, do not mix. The video above proves me right. While I don’t know the outcome for the woman, the moral of the story is to keep your social drinking away from your work environment, especially away from someone that you report to.

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