If you’re like me, you probably get several invitations a week for industry seminars. While I’m sure that many are legit, you do have to be careful on selecting which event planning seminars to attend. You should always ask yourself the question “what is it I intend to achieve by attending this event planning seminar”. Many companies offer seminars as part of their company’s marketing plan. In other words, somewhere in the seminar they will begin to talk about one of their products and how it is a must have for you in the event planning industry. While that may be true, I’m always leery when I see companies start to promote their services during the seminar. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the product or service they’re offering will assist you – however always make sure you scrutinize what it is they’re offering you before you make any decisions.

Finding a Reputable Event Planning Seminar

With any seminar or workshop always determine ahead of time what it is you’re hoping to achieve. Are you looking to further your education? Or are you looking for a networking event to share your ideas as well as to get ideas from industry peers. To an event planner seminars are a way to further their industry knowledge by findinbg out about hot trends and industry innovations. Event planning certification tells the industry that an event planner is serious about furthering their career.

While Google is a wonderful search tool, do not necessarily use it as the sole source for finding an event planning seminar. Ask your colleagues if they have any recommendations on seminars or workshops that they’ve attended. Another reputable source are the industries associations. Meeting Professionals International (MP I) and Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) are two of the biggest associations in the meetings and events industry. Both offer event planning seminars or continuing education as it sometimes referred to. And quite often the facilitator is a very well known name within the industry. In other words someone that you can learn from.

Outside of associations, your convention and visitors bureau (CVB) can be another excellent source for finding event planning seminars. There are for-profit companies that are also quite reputable within the industry. Cvent is a company that got its start in the registration side of the business. They have since expanded and offer many cloud-based meetings and events tools. In addition to its registration services, Cvent also offers a supplier selection database as well as listings for upcoming event planning seminars. The reason I mention Cvent for event planning seminars is that they are not necessarily promoting their own services. They are members can also post upcoming seminars as well.

A party planner will often look at ways to become a wedding planner.  Especially in the warmer months, becoming a wedding planner is a way for many in the event planning industry to diversify their portfolio. This is where event planning seminars can be crucial. While there are many common job functions between party and event planning and wedding planning, there are still important particulars for each segment of the industry that would require an individual to be trained in.

While there are many event planning seminars available it’s very important that you choose one that is right for you. Be very careful of any seminars that seem to be promoting that company’s product or services. Associations, convention and visitors bureaus and select industry companies do offer seminars that can further your career.

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