Attending a Meeting from Home? Does Everyone Know Your Conference Call Plans?

As we have talked about, conference calling can be a productive way to attend meetings without the hassle of commuting to the meeting’s locale. However, it’s not always easy to plan conference calls. Conference call plans should be thought out before your meeting starts. Then, it’s recommended that you send your conference call plans to all of the attendees. You should discuss items such as; how do I let the meetings chairperson know that I want to speak, what if I have a comment while somebody else is talking, are open discussions part of the conference call plans or do we let each person go individually first. These points are all part of what should be covered off before hosting or executing a conference call.

Conference Call Plans Should Include People Not on the Call As Well

So, the format of the conference call has been set and you know how you are going to operate during the meeting. But, did you share your conference call plans with other people (especially if your conference call is occurring from your home office). In the video below, while I’m sure that the people on the other end of the conference call (in this case it was a video conference call to boot) probably didn’t mind the interruption, let’s just say that perhaps the person working from home should have informed his partner of his conference call plans. It’s pretty safe to say that the water-cooler talk had a few spicy tidbits after this video conference call.

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