Ask the Expert – Summer Edition

Time for this month’s summer edition of Ask the Expert. With the beautiful weather finally here; helping to create happy summer times. It seems those who can are taking some vacation time. While the rest of us are plugging away planning our future events and meetings. Or maybe like a meeting planner friend of mine are on site coordinating summer experiences.

Planning and hosting an event can be a challenge; especially in the summer months. So we thought perfect time to bring together our group of ask the expert professionals. Ask the expert is a free, relaxed and approachable forum for event planning peoples of all backgrounds and experience. Our group of pros are always more than happy to share their skills and know-how by answering your questions and inquiries. This month it’s all about turning up the heat with outdoor events.

Ask the Expert –  Weather, Weather and Weather!

When planning outdoor events what is your number one piece of advice?

Sometimes it makes no difference how much effort goes into planning an event. There’s always the chance the littlest thing can push an event in the wrong direction. So when it comes to outdoor events, first and foremost, always have a Plan B (and just in case sometimes a Plan C). With the arrival of the summer months comes warm temperatures and the possibility of disruptive weather. Event planners always have their finger on the pulse and want the ability to control everything. One thing that is never controllable is the weather. We’ve all been there. So when the climate can be a possible issue ensure you have a just in case plan. Keep an eye on the weather reports and depending be prepared “just in case” for heat, cold or rain. You want the event to be remembered for its content and fun not because of how hot or wet it was.

Ask the Expert – Time to Eat!

What food & beverage items are must haves for outdoor events?

When it comes to outdoor events there are lots of F&B trends that are suitable. Final selection depends on a long list of things. But no matter what you choose to serve food safety is always number one. Remembering certain items don’t keep in the heat; hot temperatures and alcoholic beverages are a hard mix. Lots of items must be cooled; put out smaller amounts and replenish when needed. Just to name a few. But whatever is on the menu our number one and two must haves are water and ice. Yep you heard it right good old delicious water. Especially when it comes to outdoor events and the weather having lots of water and ice on hand is key. The warmer it is out the more those in attendance are likely to drink. Balance it all out with an equal amount of water and other beverages. And it’s a given at outdoor food and beverage events you can never, never have too much ice on hand. Never!

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