Ask the Expert – Office Holiday Parties Edition

Master The Event has been inundated with questions about office holiday parties. With Christmas just mere days away. A scary thought in itself. We’ve been flooded with inquiries about planning as well as attending holiday office parties. So we figured this month instead of doing our regular Q&A session. We would address both sides of holiday office party situation.

Planning Office Holiday Parties

With Christmas just around the corner there’s one thing we can all expect and that’s going to the compulsory and hopefully entertaining holiday office parties. And while a work party is meant to be fun-filled and a treat. Probably not so much for the people responsible for all that planning and additional work. The goal is to plan a celebration that everyone will enjoy without it costing a fortune. If you’re the one responsible for all those party planning details, a couple of things to consider.

The budget. Before you start the planning process be sure you know the budget. Once you understand the amount of money allocated you can decide on all the details. And depending on the type of party and what’s involved knowing the budget will help to dole out the moneys.

Don’t do it alone. Ask for volunteers. Create a party planning team to help make the tasks achievable and way more enjoyable. Stay on top of things. Be reasonable when it comes to people’s time, interests and experience. And divide up the group and assign the various bits and bites for the event.

Who will be attending? Is the party for the whole company or just a specific department? Are partners included? What about kids? Important questions to ask and answer before coming up with the plan.

What’s involved? Will the party be taken off-site? Will it be a night time or day time event? Week day or week night? Casual or formal? Will team building be incorporated? What about entertainment? And what are the interests of the group? Questions to take into consideration before moving forward..

Alcohol. When it comes to office holiday parties’ alcohol can be a complicated situation. This time of year we all want to indulge our staff but never want things to get out of hand. Decisions, decision, decisions. So is it full bar, wine and beer only or alcohol free.

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Attending Office Holiday Parties

This time of year, it’s all about the holiday office party. Whether you’re into it or not. It really makes no difference if you work at a large or small company, you’re pretty much guaranteed an invite to the holiday office party. Some of us do love going to typical office holiday parties. And can’t wait to let our hair down and enjoy some fun and frolicking. Others of us not so much. Now is the time to kick up your heels and whoop it up at that holiday office party…NOT. The number one rule to attending office holiday parties is to always remember no matter what the circumstances it remains a business function. The ultimate goal is to enjoy while remaining professional at all times.

So when it does come to office holiday parties there some tips to help us all through that anticipated or dreaded situation.

Be sure to attend. Always show up, even if you don’t want to. You may think the invitation is optional but it never is. It’s just a couple of hours, so go and you never know you may have fun.

Don’t overdo it. Enjoy the food and drinks but remember don’t over stuff yourself with either one. And when it comes to alcohol it’s all about moderation and keeping the old “foot out of mouth”.

Mix and Mingle. An office holiday party is the perfect chance to encourage and create better office connections and relations. Engage, engage, and engage!

Try not to only talk shop. Whenever possible try not speak only about work. Broaden your horizons and participate in cheerful and diverse conversations.

Always express thanks. Throwing a party is hard work and it’s important to show your gratitude. Before leaving always thank those responsible for the festivities. Expressing thanks is the right thing to do and your kind words will be appreciated.

Office holiday parties are always a work function. But whether you are planning one or attending one you can have an enjoyable time. If you always remember work first and fun second you should be good to go.

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