Ask the Expert – Learning Edition

Welcome back to another edition of Ask the Expert. Our latest and greatest information filled experience. I was recently asked why we do Ask the Expert. And what does get out of it. There are lots of reasons why we pulled our group of most valuable players together. One of the main motives was to use this tool to reach out to planners young and less young. To get to know our industry better. To get a feel of what is going on outside of our worlds. And we felt that it doesn’t matter where one is at in their career we all need a little help, every now and then. There are questions to be asked and advice to be given. And In this process we found the power of experience and lending a hand.

As our regular readers know, Ask the Expert brings together industry professionals that are specialists in their own way. They are committed to sharing their event planning knowledge and know-how. And when it comes down to it, our team of experts has been there and done that. At this point almost nothing surprises them when it comes to event planning questions. We’ve all come to understand over the years there is no shame in asking for help. Consistently this column receives a great deal of scenarios, questions and requests for help. And we as a team literally can’t wait to get together to address them. It makes no difference what the question or issue is, someone in our group has been there before.

Ask the Expert – Event Planning Success

What do you consider the top event planning dos when looking for success?

Since the column started we’ve received this question over and over again. And felt it was time to finally address it. When thinking about event planning and success. There are lots of qualities that come to mind. Including attention to detail, flexibility, organizational skills, a passion for what you do and people and time management expertise. Just to name a few. The list is endless. But as a group we all agree that for success the top three things we recommend are:

1. Stay calm
2. Expect the unexpected
3. Work with a dependable team

Ask the Expert – Most Memorable

What do you think delegates remember the most about events?

Great question. As we all know events involve a lot of moving parts and pieces. It has often been said that delegates remember the first and last experience the most. So if that gets screwed up you’re out of luck. And we concur to a certain degree. We also feel like there are certain things that do seem to get the most attention and receive the most feedback. They are:

1. Food
2. Location
3. Content

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