Ask the Expert – Internship Edition

New month new edition of Ask the Expert. And this month it’s all about Internships. We’ve noticed there has been an increase in the chatter on social media and industry blogs about internships. So we thought perfect topic for our team of event planning most valuable professionals to tackle. As always ask the expert is a convenient and handy way to get answers to some of your pressing event planning questions and concerns. Every month we highlight and respond to questions and situations presented by our amazing readers. We love getting together with our outstanding group of industry big leaguers. And the opportunity it provides to get their opinions and suggestions to our readers inquiries.

Ask the Expert – Thoughts on Internships

What are your thoughts on Internships?

As a group, we’re all for internships. Industry internships provide the opportunity to understand and put into practice a wide range of jobs and duties. Event Planning internships allow you to discover and learn the ins and outs to what makes an event successful. It provides the chance to discover the how to and the reasons behind them. As well as the various stages of events; from the planning to the marketing to the logistics and execution and everything else in between. All and all the experience will help you to understand what it takes from start to finish when it comes to planning events. And the skills, knowledge and know-how you get from an event planning internship can be as different as the actual events but the experience is second to none. Internships are a great way to acquire, increase and learn the skills needed to thrive and succeed. When it comes to event planning it’s crucial to ensure you made the right decision. And that you have the experience and resourcefulness needed. And an internship is the perfect place to start.

Ask the Expert – Internships & Employment

Do internships lead to employment?

An internship is a great way to gain beneficial event planning experience from the pros. You start at the bottom and work your way up. It’s also a good way to make connections and better understand what it really takes to be successful industry wise. Definitely making an internship key for career development. Some industry professionals think internships are a great way to finding employment. While others feel just the opposite is true. In a recent article here on Plan an Event, Paid Internships versus Non Paid Internships, spoke to this very question. Citing a Forbes article referring to a National Association of Colleges and Employers survey it stated “employment resulting from unpaid internships was 37% and employment for individuals that didn’t do any internships at all was 35%. Students, however, who had completed paid internships were 63% more likely to be employed.” So as a group, we all agree that an internship is a helpful tool when career planning. And can be very effective in securing employment.

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