Ask the Expert – Fall Edition has Arrived

We’re back with another installment of Ask the Expert. Our panels’ useful tips and solutions for the event planning world will help in making each and every event a victory. This time it’s all about the fall edition. And it feels like we’re all going back to basics. Though the majority of us never went anywhere. With a beautiful and somewhat busy summer in the rear view mirror; these days the name of the game is annual meetings, incentive programs and fall events and meetings.

For those new to this column. Our group of industry pros get together monthly to address readers most pressing questions and issues. Our meeting of the minds professionals share their know-how, experience and savvy. In an effort to help us all find our event planning way.

What’s Ask the Expert All About?

No matter where you are at in your career. Planning an event, conference or meeting can be a hectic and demanding experience. Amongst other things the questions we ask ourselves can be endless. What is the right venue? Which service companies to work with. Decor or no decor. Security, transportation, meeting space, oh my. And don’t get us started on all the F&B decisions.

Monthly you can find not only our experts opinions but advice and suggestions that can really be put to use when planning any kind of event. So our panel of experts met up to address some of our readers’ most common reservations. This time around, they provide their take on service companies, remaining industry up-to-date and what their favorite parts of the job are. So let’s get started.

Ask the Expert – Service Companies

What info would you request from a potential service company?

The thing to remember is when it comes to service companies, you will be working very closely with them. And it’s key to ensure who you end up going with a good match for you and your organization. You want to be sure that the skill set they bring to your team, will reinforce and support the event blueprint. Actual questions depend on the type of service company you are interviewing. But some of the more important questions include. How long have you been in the industry? Approximately how many events have you planned? What other services do you provide? Do you charge a flat fee or a % of the budget? What’s included in your fee? How would you describe your work style? How far in advance do you start working on the event?

It really is all about clicking with someone and having a good rapport. In the end you want to feel comfortable with them. So be sure to ask as many questions that will make you feel at ease working together. Always ask for references and be sure to check them.

Ask the Expert – Service Companies

How do you stay current and informed within the event industry?

Our industry is a work in progress. Continually shifting and moving; and at a record neck pace. There isn’t a planner around that isn’t crazy busy. And we know plowing through all the work is top of the list. Staying in touch and current can be a challenge. But remaining up-to-date on all the latest and greatest is part of the job. There are all kinds of sources that can provide a platform to help us all keep up with the news and happenings. Every person is different so first and foremost it is imperative to recognize what the best industry sources are for you. Check out trade publications like magazines and journals. Explore industry websites and blogs. Enjoy those entertaining and informative podcasts. Track industry trends and technologies. Participate in discussion boards and forums. And network, network, network.

Ask the Expert – You and Your Job

What do you enjoy most about your job?

No matter what the job is. Enjoying what you do is an important part of life. What brings each of us happiness is different and unique depending on the person. Like with any employment scenario, there is a long list of pros and cons. And since we all come from different sectors of the meeting planning world. Here are some of the most popular pros from our group. The challenge, creativity and uniqueness. Traveling. Meeting new people. Not a 9 to 5 career. Every day is different. Tackling the challenges. And in the end the success and thank you.

No matter what sector of the event planning world you come from. When it’s all been said and done. Finding what works best for each person is the key. Have a question? Need a suggestion? Then reach out to ask the expert and let us help.

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