Ask the Expert – Digital Edition

All of us here at Ask the Expert want everyone to know something. We will forever appreciate the support and encouragement we have received. When we started this monthly column we wondered would we have a following or even get questions. During the planning process, at one point we even thought we might have to resort to our family members submitting requests. But thanks to all of you, we were surprised and in the best possible way. Not only did we receive a landslide of support. Your questions, issues and problems arrived. Not just in trickles but in droves. You make this team’s job very easy. So before we get started on this month’s focus, a big fat thank you for helping us to help others.

This month the Ask the Expert pros gathered together for another meeting of the minds. This time around it was to address the timely topic of digital resources. We’ve heard from you on Social Media. Even participated in the chatter on LinkedIn. And have been asked by our newbie event planning students more times than we can remember. What favorite digital resources do we like, subscribe too and basically can’t live without. So this time around it’s all about the favorites.

Ask the Expert – Event Planning Websites

Favorite Event Planning Websites?

Event planning resources have come a long way. There is so much more information to be found online. With so many, sourcing the best websites for any of us can be daunting. There are plenty of reasons planners look to websites for; inspiration, innovation, ideas and help, just to name a few. First and foremost we are obviously all partial to this one In addition collectively some of our favorites are: and

Ask the Expert – Party Planning Websites

Favorite Party Planning Websites?

Party planners have a bigger audience than they ever have. These days’ parties seem grander and more luxurious than ever. And party planning websites provide a snapshot of inspiration and the possibility of things to come. Mutually we agree these are some of the really great ones; and

Ask the Expert – Event Planning Magazines

Favorite Event Planning Magazines?

Every event planner “worth their salt” knows, it’s essential to stay informed when it comes to industry news and happenings. And there are some really great online magazines that help us do exactly that. Several of our favorites include and

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