With the holiday season upon us, it quickly brings thoughts of our own company holiday party to mind. So many companies celebrate the season and their employees by hosting a fun-filled party. It’s a great way to say thank you, encourage happy feelings while sharing the special time of year with them. So as we inch towards this celebratory and joyful part of the year, time to get a handle on the dreaded company holiday party. After all its’ the most wonderful time of the year; and with wonderful sometimes comes stress.

Right here, every month we feature “Ask the Expert”. Bringing together our group of know it all’s; where experts in their own right or minds anyway, come together to address industry questions. Our own little group happily offers their advice on an assortment of topics and issues. Whether you’re planning the company holiday party or have one to go to, they can be stress filled. In an attempt to help us all steer through the season effortlessly. We thought it’s the perfect time to address a couple of our reader’s holiday questions. After all, it’s supposed to be “the hap-happiest season of all”.

Company Holiday Party – Question One

Do I have to attend my company holiday party?

As we all know an office holiday party can be amazing. While others not so much and for some can often be a painful experience. And based on your question, it sounds like you’re with the majority and not too crazy about going to the company soiree. We collectively think attending a company holiday party is a smart career move. And we do agree, you should always accept an invite to the holiday party. While it’s not a prerequisite, not going to the company festivities could leave the wrong impression. You don’t have to stay the entire time. Attending will confirm you are part of the team and in the end it can be valuable to your career.

Company Holiday Party – Question Two

Are you for or against theming a company holiday party?

We are definitely FOR theming a holiday party. It makes no difference how the holiday is celebrated a holiday party theme helps to set the mood and create atmosphere for the event. Going with a party theme helps to provide a base for creative thinking and in the end will help to simplify the party planning. Theming the celebration is the fun part and will help you to stay on budget and decide on everything from decorations to food. Having a holiday festivity is a wonderful way to say thank you. Theming it is a great way to ensure your party stands out; helps us to think outside the box and assures everyone looks forward to the next one. Remember we don’t all celebrate Christmas so be sure to go for a more impartial, less Christmassy theme.

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