Ask the Expert – Back to Basics

Ask the Expert is back for another round of event planning Q&A. After a busy summer, the backbone of our column, our group of event planning experts, are back at the table. Ready to share the knowledge, know-how and wisdom we have all gained over the years. If you have a question, let us know, we’ve been there and will definitely do our best to have an answer. If we’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that our community, young or not so young, is a supportive and helpful group of professionals.

A couple of weeks ago we attended the IncentiveWorks show in Toronto. It was an opportunity to learn new things and network with our peers. We met quite a few planners just starting out and newer to the industry seeking information and solutions. And in the end we were inundated with all kinds of event planning questions. We thought Ask the Expert was the perfect place to address some of the most asked ones.

Ask the Expert – Stress, Stress, Stress

When planning an event, how do you stop stressing out?

Event planning is a very stressful career. There are lot so moving parts and pieces; and the event planner is expected to not only organize and execute but to stay on top of every single detail. And yes it can be a very stressful undertaking. Personally, first and foremost it’s key to remember to take care of yourself. Try and lead the healthiest of lifestyles, whatever that means to you. Remember quality food and exercise go a long way to feeling good. When at work focus on the work. When you leave the office turn off work and focus on your home life. When it comes to work, create a detailed event blueprint and be sure to use it. Don’t be afraid of technology, it’s your friend and will help accomplish tasks. And be sure to have realistic expectations. We recognize change is never easy. But give it a go and you just may find a change in those stress levels.

Ask the Expert –  Event Planning Emergency Tool Kit?

What are your Event Planning Emergency Tool Kit thoughts, Yeah or Nay?

When it comes to an event planning emergency tool kit it’s unanimous we’re all in. In the end no matter how much you plan and organize you just never know what can happen. Having an event planning emergency tool kit on hand helps planners to expect the unexpected and then react. The person planning a meeting or event is often expected to be all things to all people. As we’ve said before when a crisis hits, if you’re ready and prepared, it’s not a crisis. And in the role of planner solving problems before they transpire is part of the job. Having an event planning emergency tool kit is vital to a positive outcome.

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