Ask the Event Planning Expert is … Back

Ask the Event Planning Expert is back for another round. We met with our team of event planning experts to tackle some of your event, meeting and convention queries. Every month we have a meeting of the minds sort of speak so anytime you’re stuck and you want an outsiders inside perspective reach out. We are here to help take the stress out of planning. And we’ll do our best to provide the answers, suggestions and recommendations that will help.

Ask the Event Planning Expert – Event Planning Tools

What have you found to be your most helpful event planning tool?

Planning events and all that it involves can be an overwhelming undertaking. And technology really has changed the way we do almost everything. The smartphone is my handiest tool whether I’m on site or in the office. Depending on the apps a smartphone can be used for just about everything. I can source and share info, sign contracts, create a blueprint plan, check weather, calculate meeting space, take pictures, use social media and yes stay connected with everyone. I call it the assistant I never knew I had.

Ask the Event Planning Expert – CVBs

Why work with a CVB?

When planning a meeting the local CVB (Convention and Visitors Bureau) should be your first call. They have the knowledge, short-cuts and solutions to help a planner accomplish their meeting objectives and goals. They’ve been there, done that and have all the best supplier and service company recommendations and connections. The importance of a meetings success is unquestionable. However we all know that execution can become a tricky situation. And that’s where the local CVB comes in. A CVB offers what seems like an unlimited amount of services and assistance. They help the planner do it all from start to finish. Working with a CVB feels like a planner’s right arm, assistant and friend all rolled into one.

Ask the Event Planning Expert – Events Done, What Now?

What is one thing you always do once an event is over?

Great question. I have a routine that I go through once a meeting or conference is over. But the one thing I have always taken care of from the start is to send out thank you cards. I understand success comes with teamwork. And I know that one of the reasons my events and meetings are successful is the relationship between the client, me, the team and my suppliers. And I appreciate every minute of their hard work and know I couldn’t do it without them. So amongst paying bills, invoicing clients and unpacking boxes I sit down and show my appreciation with thank you cards.

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