Are You Sure You’re Up To The Role Of Party Coordinator?

If you’ve been asked to be the party coordinator for an upcoming function and you’re thinking of how fun it will be, you might want to reconsider the task before you agree to do it. I’m not suggesting that you can’t have fun at the event itself, but if you think that the role includes a lot of partying with the attendees, you might just have the wrong idea of what’s expected of you.

A Party Coordinator Works Hard in the Background

A lot of people think that organizing a party is as much fun as attending the event.  Well if the task is a passion for the party coordinator, then they will most certainly have fun as they watch their event unfold.  These people are motivated by seeing the attendees enjoying themselves as well as watching things unfold as they were meant to.  But rest assured, the party coordinator has worked extremely hard in the background in order for the event to unfold successfully.  However, if the party coordinator looks at the event as a social function for them – well, let’s just say, thing may not go as planned.

Make Sure Your Party Coordinator Knows His or Her Limits

At a launch party to kick off the start of Canadian Fashion Week held in Toronto, Canada, the party coordinator clearly was having a bit too much fun. The woman took to the stage in what was supposed to be an introduction of the sponsor and special guests. However things quickly became very uncomfortable for the attendees. The party coordinator was barely able to speak.  Her sponsor had to actually go on the stage to escort her off. Here’s how that city’s largest newspaper, The Toronto Star, reported on the “event” the next day.

Luckily, for this party coordinator, her colleagues and sponsors did forgive her and she managed to keep her job.  But the message is clear – if you are the party coordinator, you must tackle that task as you would any work role. While it’s completely acceptable to be socializing, a party coordinator’s role during the event is to make sure that things are unfolding as planned.  It’s not recommended that you consume alcohol, or at the very least be aware of how much you’re consuming.  If I’m the party coordinator for one of my company’s event, I usually ask the bartender to prepare a non alcoholic beverage for me.

So, if you’re tasked with the role of party coordinator, make sure you have a clear understanding that this is a task that will require your undivided attention. If you do this task properly, you guests will be raving about how great a time they had, not how badly you performed.  If the reviews are about how great the party was, well you’ll know you’ve done your job properly.

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