Career burnout is a real thing. And when it comes to the topic of career burnout, some concur while others feel it doesn’t even exist. For those of us that plan events for a living finding that perfect balance between life and career is important. These days’ companies seemed to demand so much more from their people. Expecting them to take on more and more without any kind of increase in compensation. A tale we’ve all heard a time or two. Longer hours and multitasking continue to be on the rise. Many times followed by some form of career burnout.

Burnout is caused by stress. The stress of having to meet overwhelming and challenging career demands. And it grabs hold of your emotional, physical and mental state and doesn’t let go. Career burnout can affect us all.

Career Burnout and Doing it All!

In an era when we are expected to do it all. I’m here to tell you doing it all can be overrated. Recent research proves that doing it all does not make one quite as successful as we used to think.

The impact and effects of career burnout can be hard hitting and unyielding. It really does influence all areas of life and work and in a most destructive way. Productivity and creativity decrease. Interest and attendance declines. Tasks and challenges are on the upswing. Days are longer and personal time is shorter. Enthusiasm turns to negativity. And instead of feeling motivated and connected we feel ineffective and useless.

Three Ways to Help Avoid Career Burnout

Career burnout not only effects our work life it overflows in to our private time as well. And it can harmfully shape and influence our health, happiness and relationships. So what can we do to help ensure we have the balance between work and sanity? Here are a couple of tips to help in avoiding career burnout.

Learn to Delegate – If your job and responsibilities allow…delegate. The ability to delegate has definitely become a talent. It can be tricky to know what to delegate and what to keep on your plate. It’s imperative to not go over board and delegate everything. The things that you enjoy, that are in your wheelhouse and rely on your expertise keep. The work that can be shared and does need your touch, then take it off your list and delegate.

Take Time for Yourself – So often we ignore our own needs and put everyone else first. Embrace a healthier lifestyle. Carve out time for regular exercise, proper sleep and better eating habits. When we incorporate healthy habits our energy and vitality increases. Helping us to better deal with work demands and life in general.

Put Technology on Hold – Set boundaries when it comes to technology. And yes disconnect. When work is done, establish a time frame where you shut off all technology. Don’t answer emails, turn off your phone, stay away from social media and put your laptop away. One way to manage stress is by taking a time out from technology.

With so many employees expected to do more for less. It seems like career burnout is just around the corner. And it can be a powerless feeling. By learning to cope with the madness it will help us to find that work life balance we all crave.

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