Are You a Time Zone Meeting Planner?

The meeting and events industry involves considerable travel for many meeting planners. If you are a world time zone meeting planner then you probably know all too well the toll that constant travel can have on your body. I used to joke with my colleagues that you could tell who was new to the industry. You’d see the new meeting planners jump at the opportunity to travel with groups to various destinations. But that novelty soon wears off as many seasoned meeting planners can barely remember what city they’re in let alone what city they’re going to next.

Warning Signs for a Time Zone Meeting Planner

Many meeting planners get so involved with their hectic travel schedule that they sometimes don’t even recognize the signals that they’re starting to get worn down. At first many people are able to brush these symptoms aside but if they’re not addressed these symptoms can escalate and become a serious problem for your overall health.

Basically the cause of jet leg is your body’s inability to adjust quickly to the time in a different zone from which you live. Our bodies have an internal biological clock that basically follows the 24-hour cycle, otherwise known as circadian rhythm. So if you are a meeting planner time zone travel can be particularly draining. It’s important that you pay attention to the warning signs. Some early warning jet leg signs that you should watch for are:

  • insomnia
  • irritability
  • impaired concentration
  • anxiety
  • constipation or diarrhea
  • some people can also suffer irregular heartbeats

Tips on How a Time Zone Meeting Planner Can Overcome Fatigue or Other Travel Symptoms

Many experts will tell you that you really should start to treat time zone changes or jet leg before you begin your journey. Make sure that you get plenty of rest (even start to factor the time zone of where you’re traveling to into your sleep patterns ahead of time). Exercise and plenty of fluids (of the non-alcoholic type – sorry) will also help you combat fatigue ahead of time. Unfortunately everything I read tells me to avoid alcohol before long time zone traveling. During long-haul flights it’s important that you keep a similar routine by making sure you’re well hydrated as well as getting up and stretching your legs from time to time. Many in-flight magazines will show you simple exercises that you can do during your flight to help you fight off fatigue. If you’re flying on a red-eye flight, you should bring supplies (a neck pillow, blindfold and earplugs) that can help you get some well needed rest.

Scheduling meetings with participants in different time zones can also be a hassle for many meeting planners. For a meeting planner time zones do not necessarily need to be your enemy. in today’s world, there are many apps that are designed to help us in our everyday lives. Well, I’m pleased to tell you, that there is a time zone converter for a meeting planner. In the related articles below you’ll notice the first article will give you more information regarding a world clock for a meeting planner.

Being a timezone meeting planner certainly has its rewards. You see many interesting parts of the world as well as being exposed to many different cultures. But extensive travel can certainly have its wear and tear on your body. Listen to your body and make sure you take all of the necessary steps to ensure that you minimize the effects that jet leg can have on your body.

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