Are Good Event Planning Careers Still out There?

If you’ve been watching the news lately it’s becoming harder and harder to predict what in the heck is going to happen in the jobs market over the next 12 to 18 months. Which begs the question – are there still good event planning careers? And if so who is hiring and what region could I expect to get employed faster. These may seem like simple questions at the onset, however we are now living in a world where Democrats have proposed higher spending cuts then Republicans have even requested. And Republicans are about to say no to a payroll tax cut that the Democrats have proposed. Seriously have the gods gone crazy?

Event Planning Careers Will Flourish in Spite of the Politicians

Watching the recent debt ceiling debate unfold in Washington I couldn’t help think that we have elected a bunch of children. Doesn’t matter which side of the aisle that you sit on, left or right, it seems like these politicians weren’t concerned about creating jobs for you and me in the least. And wasn’t that all that we were hearing about before the last congressional elections? And just how many job bills have been introduced since the last election? As of last check the unemployment rate in the United States is 9.1% (July 2011, US Department of Labor). Seriously folks, it’s high time we put pressure on our elected officials to do something about the current job situation.

In spite of all the recent childish behavior at the state and national levels the outlook for event planning careers is expected to increase 16% through 2018. This information was dissected from the US Department of Labor. While accurate I write this with a word of caution. These projections did factor in the economic downturn from 2008. But right now we’re hoping that we do not have a double dip recession. There’s really no way of telling whether this will happen or not. The only thing I would suggest is that you don’t listen to a politician talk about employment outlook- research opinions from economists instead.

Event planning careers come in many shapes and forms. The initial increase of employment in this industry will most likely come from individuals setting up their own event planning career companies. With the larger event planning companies, new hires  will likely be a little slower paced as these businesses struggle through the uncertain times. However it’s not that there are no event planning careers out there it’s just that you have to do a little more digging than usual to find the good ones. And rest assured, in spite of our current political climate, our economy will rebound.

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