All Meeting Planners Want for Christmas Is…

Meeting planners are used to making a list and checking it twice. Like Santa, it’s what they do all year long. Meeting and event planners have to work with a lot of suppliers in order to make their programs run smoothly. And inevitably you know what happens when you have to rely on several other people to make your function go off without a hitch. It’s otherwise known as Murphy’s Law.

Event and Meeting Planners Christmas Wish List (If Only…)

We started wondering exactly what kind of a list meeting planners would make at Christmas time if they had an opportunity to correct everything that they don’t like about their job tasks.

So we present to you a meeting planners Christmas wish list for 2013 (after all, one can wish):

  • hearing suppliers say “we can do that”
  • a final program invoice that is in the ballpark of their quote
  • a proposal that actually addresses what they requested
  • submitting a request for proposal (RFP) and not getting 100 telephone calls or e-mails from suppliers asking for clarification
  • that all the venue lights are working when they arrive
  • Wi-Fi services that cover a distance more than 2 feet
  • for people to get their name right during cold calls
  • staff that understand that a “working lunch” actually means people are working in the room
  • suppliers that know how to spell
  • to stop receiving information that they didn’t request

For all of you meeting and event planners out there we hope your wishes come true for 2013. Merry Christmas.

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