A flight arrival time matters. Ask event planners what component of a program they dread most and, more times than not, they’ll tell you it’s the transportation portion that drives them crazy. You see if the event planner is organizing a convention then they are also concerned, or rather tasked, with getting all of the delegates from many destinations to the one where the meeting is being held.

Many Travelers Judge Commercial Airlines on Their Flight Arrival Time

You’ve probably been in a situation where you knew your flight would not be operating according to schedule. One that occurs to me often is where I find myself sitting in the departure lounge 10 min. after my scheduled departure time, yet the airline personnel are operating as if everything is normal. But it’s not. Or perhaps you been on the aircraft, and the plane pulls away from the gate only to sit on the tarmac for what seems like an eternity. These are the situations that drive event planners, and passengers, crazy. Not to mention all of the service companies that are affected.

Airline On-Time Records, Where Does Your Favorite Airline Stand?

Recently Flight Stats ( commissioned a report on the arrival times of world travel airlines. No surprise that Japan (JAL) and Singapore (ANA) enjoy the number one and number two spots respectively. What is interesting, however, is that only one US airline made it to the top 10 (Delta).

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Check below to see if your favorite airline made it to the top 20.

20. Asiana – 76.73% on time

19. Virgin Atlantic – 76.77% on time

18. American Airlines – 76.93% on time

17. United – 76.94% on time

16. Malaysia Airlines – 80.19% on time

15. SWISS – 80.24% on time

14. Air France – 80.76% on time

13. Singapore Airlines – 80.87% on time

12. Air Berlin – 81.80% on time

11. Qantas – 82.66% on time

10. Lufthansa – 83.51% on time

9. Alitalia – 83.76% on time

8. Finnair – 85.90% on time

7. Delta – 85.95% on time

6. Gulf Air – 87.71% on time

5. Air New Zealand – 87.76% on time

4. KLM – 87.85% on time

3. SAS – 87.91% on time

2. ANA – 88.48% on time

1. JAL – 90.35% on time

To an event planner a flight arrival time is crucial. Quite often they are juggling a manifest trying to get many delegates from various locations to one destination for their convention. Commercial airlines are well aware that they are judged on their on time records. So much so that planners will give business to the ones that maintain good on time records.

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