Air travel etiquette is all the rage these days and not in a good way. Flying really has become universal and very commonplace for the masses. And while lots of us are lucky enough to travel frequently for business and pleasure, for others not so much. But no matter how often one flies, for the respect and enjoyment of all, air travel etiquette is essential.

Back in the day air travel was thought of as more of a luxury. And suitable travel etiquette was always front and center. Air travelers would dress for the occasion and their behavior followed suit. However those days seem to have gone by the wayside. Today that respect for our fellow traveler as well as proper manners have been replaced by a lack of consideration and common courtesy.

Air Travel Etiquette, No Respect, No Courtesy, No Flight!

Let’s face it, traveling can be a challenging situation. There are so many things to cope with that can send even the most seasoned traveler to crazy land. And while nothing gives anyone the right to be rude or treat others in a less than right way challenges do include; long waits to grouchy people, obnoxious kids to elitist feeling travelers, overcrowded space to cramped seats, lost luggage to high costs.

So it begs for the question; Are you a good air traveler? Or do people in your section silently plead for a seat change?

Plan an Event Readers Top Five Air Travel Etiquette No, No’s!

Air travel etiquette has transformed over the years. And sometimes it feels like the majority of travelers are insensitive to others when it comes to travel etiquette. After Plan an Event’s latest not so scientific poll, here are our readers overwhelming top five No, No’s when it comes to air travel etiquette.

Don’t Dawdle – When it comes time to board the plane do so quickly. No loitering or lingering here there are lots of others that need to board prior to takeoff.

Keep your Shoes where they Belong – On your feet! Not only can feet swell when flying, they more often than not smell too. So respect others and keep your shoes and socks on at all times.

Never Drink too Much – Consuming too much alcoholic will definitely change a person behavior. The effect alcohol has on one’s control, especially in the air is increased. So know your limitations, stay within them and never get drunk.

It’s All About the Seat – This one’s a twofer. The middle seat is always the least desired one. There is no window view, you still have to climb over someone to exit and most importantly which armrest is yours. In a word both! If you’re stuck in the middle as a consolation you get to take possession of both. And secondly be considerate of others and never, never recline your seat the entire way. We all have the same amount of space, so be mindful and don’t invade others.

Proper Hygiene – No one wants to be known as the stinky passenger. We’re all in the same space for the same amount of time. Be considerate of others and take all the right measures to not offend, anyone. Don’t use powerful or over-bearing scents or fragrances. Be sure to avoid nasty body odor by showering and using proper deodorant products before flying.

Listen, none of the info in this blog is new to any of us. Whether flying or not, good etiquette should happen every day. So next time you are fortune enough to travel, my advice is to not only follow the airline and flight rules, but also think about the other passengers. The flight can be a most enjoyable one if we all follow some basic air travel etiquette. Remember treat others as you would want to be treated. And that means keep not only your shoes on but your socks too.

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