Adult Birthday Party Ideas – And Now for Something Completely Different

With so many adult birthday party ideas to help, we all love birthdays. Right?! Well, most of us do. Some people hate the reminder that they are yet another year older. But I’ve always thought that we need to celebrate that we made it through another year. Yes, it means we are another year older, but think of the alternative!

I believe in the power of the birthday. The birthday girl (or boy) should have a great celebration and have their birthday be all about fun. Heck, if I were president, no one would have to work on their b-day and still get paid for it. That’s the power of the birthday!

So regardless of age let’s embrace and celebrate our birthdays. And it’s always fun to shake it up and do something a little different. Because we’re never too old to try something new.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas – Flower Power

When we hear flower power most of us have images of the sixties running through our heads. And while a flower power/hippie theme is a fun idea, it’s another kind of flower power we’re talking about. Actual flowers.

My friend Susan is a total gardening nut. She use to garden with her dad as a child and has always been absolutely crazy about it. Not only is it one of her passions, but it brings back wonderful childhood memories for her. So last year we threw her a Flower Power birthday party.

We themed the invites with flower shaped invitations and informed everyone, with a silly little poem, that the theme of the party was flower power (in case the big daisy shaped invitation didn’t give it away). We requested that any gifts be geared to the theme, so guests brought gardening tools, plants, books about flowers, even a dandelion wine.

Regardless of the time of year, it’s a fun, family friendly party. In the summer the party can take place in the backyard but even during inclement weather you can easily decorate using paper flowers, real flowers, homemade decorations and store bought. It’s a colorful and fun way to brighten up any room. We used little flower pots (from the dollar store) and put everything from candies to decorations and centerpieces in them.

And carrying the theme right to the end, as guests left they were given a party favor of a sachet of wild flower seeds to plant.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas – The Music Man

If the guest of honor is a music lover, another fun idea is to center the party around music. You can easily make the invitations in the shape of a cd (or, if you’re old school, a record). The decorations can include music notes, copies of old records and even lyrics of song favorites printed out.

We decorated one party with lists of top ten hits from different milestone years for the birthday boy. The lists were easily complied online using websites like that have top ten lists of songs from every year ranging from the 1950’s on up. You can have a lot of fun with it using headings such as “Top Ten Songs from when Doug was in kindergarten” or the year he graduated, first job, or first time he…kissed a girl. The ideas are endless.

Involve the guests and request that people compile a cd of their favorite songs. The guest of honor will end up with several new cd’s from his friends and get to enjoy their diverse their musical tastes.

So instead of doing the same old party, look around and try to find something different to theme the party around. Consider the hobbies, likes and interests of the guest of honor and hit the internet! There are literally hundreds of sites out there to help you come with something and fabulous and completely different.

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