Adding Interactivity To An Event

In this fast-paced and ever-changing world that we now live in, it is getting harder and harder to capture an audience’s attention. When it comes to event management, attendees are no longer just content with a speaker and written materials, today, attendees need something cutting edge and original in order to justify utilizing their precious time. With this in mind, events need to become more interactive. With the emergence of new technologies, there are now all kinds of ways in which you can add interactivity to your event. Here we take a look at a few of those.

Ways to Use Interactivity

Through the use of the QR Codes. Incredibly easy to create but of incredible worth, QR codes can provide your audience with access to all kinds of content simply by using a device they are already carrying with them. These days almost everyone carries a smartphone or a tablet around with them, so QR codes present an ideal opportunity. By adding QR codes to any printed documentation, hoardings or signs around your event you will be able to add an element of interactivity that will bring the most conventional event documents to life. Perhaps use QR codes to provide attendees with access to videos, articles, blog posts or relevant websites.

Using Mobile Augmented reality. Again making use of the devices that your attendees will be carrying around with them, Mobile Augmented Reality will take your event right into the future. Bringing products and static displays to life, Mobile AR enables you to provide attendees with informative animations and graphics. The technology works by enabling a user to see a particular product with additional animation and information overlaid on their screen as they point their mobile device at it. Using this technology, you can transform real-life static objects at your event into fun experiences that will capture the attention of your audience.

By using transmitting technologies. Products such as the iBeacon enable you to capture the attention of your attendees as they walk past specific stands at your event. Using the iBeacon, Apple’s indoor proximity system, you will be able to transmit information to the mobile devices of people walking past in order to entice them to find out more.

By installing tablet devices around your event. Simple, but effective. Installing tablet devices around your event enables you to give attendees access to all kinds of content which can then be accessed at their leisure. To ensure only this content is accessed, make sure the tablets are locked to a specific app which cannot be navigated away from.

Installing tablets improves immersion

By providing your audience with the ability to ask questions in real-time. Apps such as ConnexMe enable you toboost audience interaction during meetings or presentations. Using the app, attendees can ask questions or vote on polls in real time using their smartphone and the results will then be displayed on a screen and commented on by the speaker.

Please give the aforementioned ideas a try at your next event. You’ll be amazed at how interaction keeps people focused on your offerings while having fun.

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