A Few Do’s and Don’ts for Company Event Planning

We’ve all been a guest at somebody’s company party where we have wanted to slip out the back door in embarrassment. Not necessarily embarrassed for yourself but rather at the antics of some of the employees of that company. Company event planning can be rather stressful for the person or persons in charge of putting the event together. But don’t despair run offer you a few do’s and don’ts here that will help take the pressure off your company event planning.

Company Event Planning-the Initial Stages

From the onset there were a few areas that you should address that will help get the ball rolling. Of course the number one item that you need to address is the venue (which could also encompass the theme). When selecting a venue you have to think about how easy it’s going to be for everybody attending to get there. Not everyone may have a car so accessibility by public transportation should be a key factor. Also think about the day and time that you’ll be hosting the event. The reason that day and time is important is that you have to consider your companies slowest time so that as many employees as possible have an opportunity to attend. This is especially true for companies that operate 24/7.

Company Event Planning-Behavior

Some of those embarrassing moments that we’ve witnessed are a result of people’s inhibitions being lowered by alcohol. Long gone are the days when people drank to the point of no return at company parties. And probably for good reason. Remember no matter what happens at the company event you will have to work with these people come the next day. If alcohol is part of the event make sure that the people serving are fully aware of your local laws and how to identify signs of intoxication. For you it’s always best to consider a company event as a more subdued event. There’s nothing wrong with having a few drinks and a few good laughs with colleagues and friends. An overall good time is your goal. But be aware that the line between a good time and an embarrassing time can get blurred with each drink.

Your company event planning should encourage socialization among everyone. I hate going to corporate parties where the tables are divided by departments or by that dreaded management versus staff (I would actually like to ban the word management altogether but that’s for later post). Corporate events should be a time to mingle with everybody. It’s a chance for everybody in the company to get to know their colleagues a little bit better. I’m not saying they have to spend 15 min. with someone that you barely know but a few moments or simple “hello how are you” doesn’t hurt and makes for good mingling.

So if you’ve been charged with company event planning for your work don’t despair. Company events don’t have to be dreaded. Rather with a few simple rules or outlining expectations at the beginning will give everyone attending an understanding of the basics and help set the stage for a fun, event.  One that everyone can rehash and laugh about at the water cooler the next day.

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