90th Birthday Party Ideas

90th birthdays are becoming more and more commonplace. It seems today that whenever you talk to friends or colleagues we all seem to have family members that are reaching their 90th birthday. So what do you think of when considering 90th birthday party ideas? Well obviously any birthday party idea needs to be centered around the personality of the birthday boy or girl. Given the milestone, 90th birthday ideas should be centered around a celebration of all the history of the person’s life. That’s not to say that life is over at 90 rather it’s an acknowledgment of the accomplishments in the person’s life. And I’m sure that, upon reflection, you will be sure to find many accomplishments to celebrate.

Considerations for 90th Birthday Party Ideas

There’s no doubt that the birthday boy or girl is elderly. Obviously some will be in better shape than others. There are things that you should take into consideration during the planning stages. For example, you may want to host the birthday party during the afternoon versus the evening. Your 90th birthday supplies need to be light and cheerful, not over the top. And if the guest of honor does get tired (after all they are the center of attention for this special day) you should have arrangements in place where they can easily go for a nap while the celebrations continue. There’s nothing wrong with continuing the celebration without the guest of honor – as there is a good chance that you’re among old friends and family. Any 90th birthday invitations should relay this information. 90th birthday invitation wording can prepare the guests for how the event will unfold. Using humor for 90th birthday cards really depends on the  personality and whether or not they would find it funny.

Whether you have a 90th birthday cake or not depends on the person. If you do decide to have one, 90th birthday cakes do not need to have 90 candles. 90th birthday cake ideas can even be the favorite snack of the birthday boy or girl.

90th Birthday Party Idea Options

It’s important to include, in your 90th birthday invitation, a general outline of the event. For example are the attendees expected to bring a 90th birthday gift or are 90th birthday wishes more appropriate.

Some popular ideas for 90th birthday party ideas include:

A photo montage of the person’s life. Today this is easily done as we live in a digital age. Asking attendees to submit, in advance, any digital pictures that they may have of the birthday boy or girl will ensure that you get a wide range of photos. Then with a little planning and organizing you can put all of the pictures onto a memory stick and set up a slideshow on a large screen television that can play throughout the celebration. Adding 90th birthday quotes or 90th birthday poems are additional ways to have some fun with this theme.

Having a “this is your life” or a “mini roast”. Here you can have a little fun at the expense of the birthday boy or girl. Basically what you want to do here is provide an overview of the person’s life and the impact that it may have had on many of the attendees. Of course, it’s recommended to keep it light with a humorous approach. If you know people that have had a direct impact on the person’s life (especially at certain milestones in his or her life), asked them to provide the group with the little overview of that period in the birthday boy or girl’s life.

90th birthday party ideas don’t have to be dull or boring. And 90th birthday gifts do not have to be elaborate. Yes the person is elderly but that doesn’t mean that you have to sit around in circles and play teacup games for three hours straight. Your 90th birthday party invitations will let the guests know about the flow. The 90th birthday party should be centered around the accomplishments of the person’s life. A 90th birthday is an opportunity to celebrate a milestone with close friends and family.

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