80th Birthday Party Ideas – Happy Birthday to YOU!

Birthdays are special regardless of the age being celebrated. As each year passes, another birthday allows us to commemorate, celebrate and honor that extraordinary person in our life. Reaching eighty is definitely a significant occasion and should be treated as such. Number 80 quietly demands for an out of this world celebration, something truly unique and memorable, not only for the invitees but the guest of honor as well. Eighty is a time for loved ones to articulate their affection and admiration and, yes, a party is the perfect opportunity.

80th Birthday Party Ideas – Now is the Time!

Eighty is a landmark birthday and is the ideal time to let your loved one know what they mean to you and how valued and cherished they are. 80th birthday party ideas will help to make your celebration special and filled with thrilling and unforgettable memories that will mean the world to the birthday honoree.

Are you organizing an 80th birthday bash for that someone special in your life? And looking for some suggestions to remember this joyful occasion in the biggest way ever? Then look no further, here are some helpful 80th birthday party ideas for those planning that milestone birthday for someone they love.

80th Birthday Party Ideas – Time to Start Party Planning!

Anything 80 Birthday Party – This really fun and unique idea is to use the birthday age as the theme of the party. So almost everything party related is based around the number 80. And I mean Everything! Virtually every single thing involving the birthday and the party is incorporated into the number 80 resulting in a great big birthday bash. All supplies, decorations, tableware should confidently and proudly bear the number 80 everywhere, even the number of guests should be kept to 80. Have the invited guests bring a gift of, you guessed it, 80 of something. It literally can be anything… 80 candies, 80 pencils, 80 cards or 80 of whatever else comes to mind!

This is Your Life Party – One of the top 80th party ideas is to design a presentation of the birthday honoree’s life… a stroll down memory lane, if you will. This can easily include pictures as well as a video production highlighting all the happiest and best parts of a person’s life. A sequence of decorations that harken back to the day when the guest of honor was growing up. With the quick use of Google you can simply research what was in and what was out during those formative years. And you can easily find the most popular items and events, price points of the time as well as the top music and movies from back in the day and display them in a decorative fashion. With the “them” being all about the birthday person’s life, birthday party planning has never been so much fun.

Book of Life Party – This fun filled idea is great for those celebrating birthdays of all ages, not only the number 80. Create a questionnaire and send it to every single person that knew the guest of honor when they were younger. The questionnaire should include various questions about the honoree including how they met, what their favorite memory is and what they deem as the birthday person’s most appealing quality. While at the same time, collect pictures from the different phases of their life. Birthdays are the perfect time to relive all those fabulous life experiences and special memories of those times and the folks that shared their journey. Once you receive all the replies, info and pictures, you make a book of life, a great way to document and celebrate the life of the person celebrating their birthday. It’s the gift that will keep on giving…joy that is!

Eighty is the ultimate time to look back at the past and look towards the good times coming. It’s the 80th birthday and I say lucky them! Planning the 80th for a loved one can be a most enjoyable and interesting time. Finding the right theme and idea will make it all that much easier and so worthwhile. So get out there and start planning!

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